Super Fast Shepherd’s Harvest

I need to be quick about this post tonight, so I’ll get right to the info!

As usual, Shepherd Harvest was a blast. The guys always take me there for Mother’s Day; you can’t beat that! The day was sunny but the wind was so cold, and for some reason it made me in a hurry to get through everything. A cold day I can handle, but a cold wind? Brrrrrr…..

I hit the Spinner’s Web booth:
Spinner's web yellows
Spinner's Web browns
Spinner's Web greens

Handspun by Stephania:
Handspun by Stephania
Handspun by Stephania

River’s Edge Weaving Studio:
River's Edge Weaving studio

Hidden Valley Farm
Hidden Valley Farm

And of , a vendor I forgot. Do you recognize this fiber? (She had a bunch of huge bins, lots of stuff with handspun samples of each one.)
Mystery Vendor

And, Little Man making friends with a lamb. (Knittykid was hanging out in the backpack). This shepherd seemed to be the only friendly one in the barn. How is it that the vendors are so nice, but you head out to the animals and their people are so darn grumpy? Is it just me?
Little Man and the lamb

I didn’t buy any yarn this year…a first, I think. I was fiber focused!!!



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11 responses to “Super Fast Shepherd’s Harvest

  1. Guinifer

    Your fiber all looks edible!

  2. Mmmmm love good enough to eat! I must learn spinning one of these days!

  3. Yay! I was there too buying up fiber like a madwoman and spinning for the Fiber Sandwich. Fun!!

  4. Weird about the grumpy vendors. 😦

  5. I loved the Spider Web booth. I bought a big bag of Dakota Gold. I’m not usually a yellow person but . . .

    Was the mystery vendor in same building and on the left hand side of the Mielke’s Farm (big booth on the end of the middle aisle)? I recognize the description but not the name. If you go to the Shepherd’s Harvest website, they have a list of vendors and (I think) a map. I was at the MKG table so stop by next year!

  6. That looks like such a wonderful place to visit!

  7. I’m dizzy with all the lovely fiber!

  8. What a way to spend Mother’s Day! Sounds (and looks) like fun.

  9. Jeanne

    Wow! So much fiber! I didn’t go this year because it was too icky out.

  10. Wow the fiber looks great, I love the colors.

  11. The fibre looks fabulous.

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