Quick spinning update

I’m impressed with how much I’ve stuck with the spinning so far this year. I’m really feeling like I’m getting it down now and can spin a decent and usable yarn. The latest?

Merino/tencel blend from The Fiber Studio.

Merino/Tencel 50/50

I found this a bit tougher to spin. It drafted so smoothly that I’d lose it every now and then, or end up with a clump here or there. But boy is it soft and lovely! I think I’d prefer a 75/25 blend rather than a 50/50.

My latest obsession is the pink fluff. I was putting this one off as I thought it would be hard to spin, being nothing but a big bag of fluff and all but no, it is pure heaven to work with. I need more of this and I really hope the vendor is at Shepherd’s Harvest again this year.

Spinner's Web, "Rosa" fluff

I wish you could see the colors better…pink with purples, whites, orange and a bit of sparkle. Icelandic, alpaca, mohair, tussah silk. Lovely….you can’t beat Spinner’s Web. Sorry, no link!
Spinner's Web, "Rosa" 2



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11 responses to “Quick spinning update

  1. Guinifer

    It looks like cotton candy – I’d like to see it on one of those paper cones!

  2. Oooh, love the pink fluff! Spinner’s Web is lovely to spin, I’ve done up a few skeins from their stuff. They’ll surely be at Shepherd’s Harvest this year, they’ve been there and at Yarnover every year I can remember (though I don’t know if they were at YO this year). They’re lovely people.

  3. thanks for confirming my fears (of it slipping away) on the merino/tencel. It looks gorgeous though!

    and here I was hoping to resist the call of fiber this weekend – but now I’m going to have to search out Spinner’s Web.

    thanks for the enabling 😉

  4. the merino-tencel is beautiful. very cool.

  5. Your spinning looks fantastic!

  6. Lovely! Isn’t Fiber Studio the best?!?!

    I’m heading to Shepherd’s Harvest tomorrow. See you there?

  7. Very pretty pink fluff!

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