WIP’s and a thank you

The Honeycomb Bag is knitted up and ready for finishing. I have to say, the bag is cute but the yarn is a major PITA. Why anyone would want to knit an entire sweater in it (although it is soft) is beyond me. Don’t try to tink anything and if you lose a stitch, too bad for you…

I have to pick a lining for the bag. To be honest, I love both my fabric options but I’m not sure I love either with the bag. Would you choose

Option #1

Honeycomb Bag 1

or Option #2?

Honeycomb bag #2

Or would you head to the fabric shop?

I promised a picture of how the Baby Surprise is looking with my first ever hand dyed yarn. It’s the only thing making this miserable Minnesota spring tolerable.

Baby Surprise #1

Last but not least, a big thank you goes to Amy over at Knit Think! Look at the wonderful contest prize she sent me!


I can’t wait to knit this up; I’m in love with orange lately. And eat it with the chocolates and tea and use the cute stitch markers. I’m all set. Thanks Amy!!!!



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17 responses to “WIP’s and a thank you

  1. Option #2 MIGHT work in a pinch and if you’re being economy-minded. But if you can spring for new fabric, I’d definitely go shopping for something else.

  2. Gwyneth

    Go to the fabric store.

  3. Amy

    Enjoy! Sorry it took so long. The stitch markers were apparently shipped via earthworm from somewhere very far away.

  4. Jeanne

    I feel the same as you about your two options. I think either could work, but I’m certain you could find something better.

  5. Guinifer

    Great projects and excellent prize package!!!

  6. I’d get a plain fabric for the lining. So, your baby surprise is actually an attempt to knit some sunshine for MN… 😉

  7. myhobbyisyarn

    Projects & Prizes look good. I would head for the fabric store.

  8. Of the two, I would go with option #2, but I think you should go to the fabric store ^_^

  9. I think that option #2 is perfect. JMHO.

  10. I like option #1, but that’s because the fabric is beautiful…I’d go to the fabric store and pick something less “busy” for your liner. Can’t wait to see the FO! And the Baby Surprise looks great – love the yellow!

  11. knittymama's mama

    Kiddo, Between those two, I’d go w/ the first one, but better yet would be a trip to the fabric store. It would be a mood-booster for this lousy weahter; wish I could go w/ you – I’d treat! Not just the fabric, but coffee and dessert too!!

  12. If you really didn’t want to go to the fabric store, I’d do #2, but I really think you need another option.

  13. I like #2 but a contrasting stripe lining might be nice, too!

  14. Well, I like option 2, but I’m also more inclined to choose a more funky unique option than a plain and expected option. Maybe that answers your question. 🙂

  15. bunnyb

    I say go to the fabric store. But if you wanna use either fabric, no 2 🙂

  16. Both fabrics are gorgeous in their own right, but with your very pretty bag I’d use the second one, if looking for another wasn’t an option (going with the spirit of use what you’ve got).

    And excuse me, chocolate pansies? How perfect are they?!

  17. Of the two choices, the first would be the one I’d pick. But it sounds like you’d really like another option. And I am always one to support a trip to the fabric store!

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