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I Have a Secret

So I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. A big secret. A secret that will explain the sloppy knitting, the lack of knitting, the fewer and fewer blog posts, my inability to even manage to comment on all the blogs I barely can manage to keep up with these days…

“What secret?” you all ask. “What could possibly keep a person from knitting?!”

I’ll give you a hint.

Picture 002

I inherited these vintage patterns from the Skeptic’s great aunt. Got any ideas yet?

Still not sure? Here’s another….

Picture 001

Okay, maybe this one will really clue you in….

13 weeks

Got it now? If you guessed that there will be a new addition to our family, you are right!! 🙂 Exciting news for us,  baby number three is on his/her way!!!

This has been the most brutal first trimester I’ve ever been through. Sick to my stomach 24 hours a day and exhausted (two little boys have helped with that.) Seriously, picking up knitting needles was too much work, they seemed so darn heavy. Plus I pretty much fell asleep with the boys each night and there was no waking me up. The last two weeks I’ve started to feel more like myself and I actually should have some FO’s to show off soon, or at least some WIP’s.

I love the second trimester, it’s the time to get stuff done and have some energy to do it. Of course, my list is laughable, it’s so long, and I know completely impossible. But dreaming about baby knitting? So gratifying!



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