Birthday Contest Time!!

Thanks so much for all the excellent nickname ideas and birthday wishes for my little guy. I’m still pondering which is my favorite, but I should have Knittybaby’s new big boy name for you all very soon.

It’s finally time to get the birthday month contest going. All four of us have birthdays in a four week period, so it’s time to celebrate!

This contest will be a pretty simple one, but I think fun for everyone. This winter hasn’t given me much time for keeping up with my own blog, let alone everyone’s great blogs and all the wonderful knitting sites out there. I haven’t even been back over to Ravelry in a month, eeek! I’m feeling a bit out of the loop right now.

Here’s where you come in. All you have to do is give me the link to the best knitting, spinning, or sewing thing you’ve seen online so far this year. It can be a pattern, article, great new blog, just link me up with something fabulous!

The basic rules:

1. Post your entry in the comment section for this contest post.

2. Be sure to include the link to whatever great site, pattern, or article you’ve found so far in 2008.

3. Get your entry in by April 15th. I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner.
The prizes now, of course!!!

You will have your choice of either a mini project bag (perfect for socks) or needle roll, custom made with your favorite colors. I’ve got a couple of examples below for you to see, but you’ll get to pick your favorite colors and style.

little bags
Needle roll open

That’s it!! Pretty simple, huh? I hope you all enjoy seeing all the great links, I know I will!



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55 responses to “Birthday Contest Time!!

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  2. Okay, it’s funny you should open this contest up today because look at what I just found over at Now Norma Knits. Isn’t that drop spindle the most fabulous little beauty you have ever seen? I’m really lusting for one now.

  3. Happy birthdays all around! Those project bags are adorable.

    Bless the “add star” feature in Google Reader! 🙂 There are lots of things that I’ve liked so far this year, but here’s a particularly useful knitting tech article.

    And this was one of my favorite bits of humour so far this year.

  4. I was taken by Julie’s recent post about knitting Koolhas hats for all the great guys in her life:

  5. frugalfiber

    not being bias at all I think that and the spring issue is the best so far!


  6. This is a great post about jogless 4-color striped socks! Her previous post gets into the more technical aspects and this one has the pretty pictures of her gorgeous socks!

  7. Amy

    Does general art and creativity count? I just discovered this blog and am really enjoying it:

  8. I just found this yesterday, but it blew my mind!
    I never have to google “yarn shops in XX city” every again!

    Happy birthday to everyone in your family!

  9. My friend Lynne has put up a good Turkish cast on tutorial which I’m interested in trying.

  10. ooo what a great way to get to find new sites to look at. Well this is mine. I stumbled on to it and love the design and the blog.

  11. Thanks to Amy for her kind words about my blog
    I don’t knit—I did try but my right brained left handed self had trouble understanding what the left brained, right handed teachers were trying to teach. 🙂

  12. Happy birthday to all the birthday folk this month! The best thing I’ve seen this year is this:

  13. bunnyb

    I think the items she sells here are gorgeous!

    Btw, I think KnittyBaby’s new nickname should be KnittyTot (Tot short-form for Toddler).

  14. I think that my favorite online thing that I have discovered in 2008 would be . Which I know isn’t a new discovery for a lot of people but I have just discovered it and I just love it. All the patterns are great and so are the articles plus it is all free which makes it even better. If possible one of the best ways to reach me is through ravelry where my screename is knittingpanda87 if not my email is linked to my blogger profile.

  15. I’ve been having fun seeing what Lacefreak is up to lately:

    Wonderful work!

  16. Triplet Mom

    One thing for me is Raverly – I know not new, but new to me!

    The other are these darling stitch markers:
    I make my markers with beads, but these are too cute!

  17. Happy Birthday month! Get an ice cream cake this year. I did – it was my first since I was in single digits. Loved it!

    Anyway – I just found and am lusting after a Spindolyn.

  18. Hapyy birthday to you and your family!

    I recently discovered some gorgeous handspun sock yarn from this wonderful Etsy seller:

  19. Happy Birthday month! This was a new-to-me blog post about an Easter sewing project that I think is adorable. There are no instructions but it’s easy to figure out. Bookmark it for next year. 🙂

  20. One of my favorite places to snoop around for knitting/sewing inspiration is The Purl Bee. Check out this post:
    As a result, I had to buy that book and a skein of that yarn (in pink) and now I’m just trying to finish some UFO’s so I can cast on for those mittens!
    Happy Birthday Month!

  21. Angela

    i found hansigurumi’s etsy shop. my older daughter is obsessed with sea creatures, and i can’t wait to order some of these great patterns!

  22. I found this neat cardigan pattern. I really like it. I just bought yarn for it yesterday.

  23. I simply love this site I came across the other day with free mitten patterns. They come in all different sizes and patterns and with instructions. Genius! I’m lovin’ it!

    I also see that congratulations are in order – so hurrah! and congrats!

  24. This site is a little different, not patterns exactlly but some cool notions for buttons etc to use when knitting. A bit pricey but very unique!

    This site though is loaded with fingerless mitt ideas and patterns:

    We have many family birthdays in april, although we all live so far apart now…. happy birthday to your family!! (your bags and roll are so cute! The bag makes me laugh and the roll makes me homesick for the islands!)

  25. also another blog with a cool pattern, i have purchased and am waiting to pick up yarn to knit this:

  26. Barbara Baker


    My favorite site this year hands down is…

    this is a great place to find, well anything about anything from patterns, contests, instructions (instructables) and so on. I love the way everyone can communicate and help each other out with patterns and anything else you could imagine.

  27. I just stumbled upon this great sock pattern that I think I just HAVE to have!

    And now that I’ve stumbled upon your blog as well, I guess I have some more reading to do!

  28. I don’t know what happened but the wrong website was listed as mine in the previous comment. Although the one that is listed is one that I recently found and I’m finding a pleasure to read. The one attached to this comment is MY blog.

  29. Not brand new, but the best thing out there, in my opinion, is Ravelry.

    Another thing I have really been enjoying is Youtube videos.
    If you’re not sure how to do something, just type it in the search box, and someone has probably created a video to show you. This has helped a lot with my spinning.

  30. I recently came across a website featuring extraordinary knitting that appeals to my own social/political leanings. It’s called the Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting, and you can find it here:

  31. I just learned to knit in March (I’ve crocheted for years) because I had to make these tomato beanies for my two boys:

    August is our family birthmonth!

  32. Happy birthday to everyone! My favorite new fiber site is going to seem a little strange, but it’s a webpage with a table listing breeds, wool grades, and their uses:

    My favorite new pattern would be the Transition Gloves from Shibui Knits.

  33. does all of Ravlery count??? I mean I couldn’t pick just one…..I always have so many patterns as my fav’s on my puter…

    but I guess one of my fav’s has to be the baby sweater pattern on Ravelry.

  34. Congratulations, and happy birthday! So, I know that it has been said before, but Ravelry has to be the best thing that I have found. I also love to use the tag surfer on wordpress. I have “knitting” as one of my tags and I get to see what people are posting. I have a contest on my blog now…for a bag as well. But your sock monkeys blow mine out of the water. Love it!

  35. I love Ravelry though I am rubbish at doing much other than browse patterns.

    My best find was this shop:

    gorgeous yarn, very quick service, all natural dyes and local to me – yay!

  36. kseelass

    A great site and this post for this sweater
    then there is
    Happy Birthday to you all

  37. Iva

    I found this wonderful little book at the Loopey Ewe.

    I can tuck it in my purse when I shop for yarn and I have all the info for sizes, yarns, and fun ideas I need for swaps partners and friends. It’s not very expensive and has a nice plastic cover.

  38. My favorite is’s ninepatch blanket. Im copying it! Mariella did a great job.

  39. I’ve been doing a lot of pattern searching and my favorite so far is

    It’s a cute toy and an easy and gratifying knit. I made it from my handspun (even stuffed it in reject handspun) for my brother’s 19th birthday last month. He loved it.

  40. Jen C

    Happy Birthday!

    One blog I enjoy is

    If you click on the “tutorials” link in the side bar it will bring up all the posts tagged as tutorials. The posts include links to sewing, paper crafts, home decor and general fun crafty diy things.

  41. I have to say that “Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet” by Ana Paula Rimoli has seriously changed my world. I’ve learned to crochet as a result AND I think the cutest pattern is the “Happy Eggs.” Even my Youngest Child (who generally thinks his play kitchen is a Secret Laboratory”) loves the Happy Eggs and enjoys playing with them.

    You can see them on at

    or anapaulaoli on at

    Enjoy the snow!

  42. Deb

    Ok. On Ravelry, I joined the “Wollmeise Anonymous” group because I fell in love with the stuff last year. I started chatting with a woman via the forums– then checked out her blog:

    She’s a newer spinner like you and I, and I just love her spinning project posts. Enjoy!

  43. i must add to the ravelry praise. if you are over there just look at what your friends have qued for new fun projects!

    my favourite finds so far this year are
    fuzzy mitten’s knitted animal patterns
    and ‘s moc-a-soc baby shoes

  44. Nicole

    I don’t think I can choose the best, or even my favourite, but one thing I found this year that I think is wonderful is the Family Trunk Project:

  45. myhobbyisyarn

    I hope I don’t accidently comment twice. Happy birthdays to all of you, and congratulations on the new little one.
    I recently found this designer on ravelry: Christel Seyfarth

  46. This is one of the neatest patterns I’ve seen in a long time.

  47. Meg

    I liked this tutorial for sewing bread baskets.

    And this MochiMochiLand butterfly kills me with its cuteness.

  48. here’s a brand spankin’ new online knitting mag:
    Its just starting, so there’s not much on it yet, but its one to watch in the future.
    happy birthmonth!

  49. Gwyneth

    This has absolutely nothing to do with knitting. It’s eye candy if you know what I mean.Wink wink nudge nudge

  50. Gwyneth

    My post says April 16 at 2:47 am. It’s 9:49 pm on the 15th, really Knittymama I’m not cheating.

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