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Happy Birthday Knittybaby!!

Are you all ready for this? My baby turns two, yes TWO today!!!

Picture 008

I’m constantly amazed lately that this tiny little boy is now really, truly a little boy. A little boy who can climb, jump, wrestle, dance, talk, sing, color, and even sass his mama or give his big brother a smack. He is an amazing blessing, and is truly the most joyful, happy little person to be around.

Messed Up Wheel

I love this age, despite the “It’s mine!” and the “I want that!” that I hear twenty times a day, there is something very special about this transition to two. It’s that absolute cuteness in everything they say, or try to say; that realization that they can really communicate with you, even when you can’t always figure out what they are saying. (“Cresens, cresens, I want cresens!!!!” Lord, I wish I knew what that meant.) The things they say are so, so funny and so incredibly sweet. I wish I could hold on to these first sentences forever.

This birthday of course, this little baby turning into a little boy right before my eyes, brings into question the longevity of his nickname. When he was born he was this tiny little guy who would of course, be a baby forever, right? If I was Knittymama, well, he should be Knittybaby, it just fit. But now I’m wondering how much longer until it’s time to move him up to a more “big boy” nickname, but I just can’t think of one that seems to fit him perfectly. Any ideas?

This birthday also opens up contest time here at Knittymama. We’ve got four birthdays coming up in the next four weeks, so it’s time to celebrate!!! I’ll announce the contest on Monday sometime. I’ll also have another big surprise coming midweek.

For everyone that is celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope it is a blessed and happy one for you and that it truly feels like spring. Personally, I’m just hoping that we’re not going to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday in 6 inches of snow. Keep your fingers crossed for us!



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