Flu One, Knittymama zero

I’m on day five of flu hell, although I do feel more like a human today than yesterday so that’s a good sign. It’s actually not been all that bad. It just sucks so much more when you have two little ones who won’t stop climbing on Mama, or waking up Mama, and who are wired from being allowed to watch PBS 24/7. ( Little Man is now an expert on volcanoes, although his information is a bit suspicious. Did you know, that if you walk to the top of a volcano and drop a match into it, the entire volcano will explode? Yeah, neither did I. We may need to take a trip to the library. But still, you’ve got to dig an almost five year old who loves Nova.)

So anyway, you all can imagine my state right now. So here’s a picture I’ve been saving for a rainy day. I can save it because it is the sock that never ends. It stays the same no matter how long I knit it. Spunky Eclectic, Blue Faced Leicester for her sock club. These will be lovely if they ever get done. This was her Halloween colorway. So soft.

Spooky socks



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15 responses to “Flu One, Knittymama zero

  1. Wow, I totally need to check out the PBS shows your kids are watching. Who needs a Jane Austen marathon when you’ve got EXPLODING VOLCANOES!

    (Hope you’re feeling better soon!)

  2. missscarlett

    “if you walk to the top of a volcano and drop a match into it, the entire volcano will explode?”

    That is so funny! A trip to the library is a good idea — when you feel better.

    Which I hope is soon for your sake.

  3. Oh, bummer. Hope you’re up and running before too long.

  4. Sunday’s lineup was great! Monsoon history as recorded in petrified sand dunes, Mystery of the Megavolcano, and Krakatoa.

  5. Get better soon!! Hmm, I never knew that about volcanoes, either. Silly geology teacher.

  6. I would’ve thought my eleven year old would keep me up to date on that volcano thingy!

    Did you have the stomach flu or Influenza? We’ve been battling the second, and I’m telling you, I am VERY glad that my kids are both over ten years old. They can wash their own hands and make sure they don’t catch mom’s bug.

  7. Ok, here’s my own deperate cry–just tonight my four year old was complaining of a headace, achey legs, and being “so cold”. My friend says it’s the flu, which her family just ended a 10 day stretch of. I wonder if the flu shot will help, since her family didn’t get it, but our family did? I have a four year old and a two year old. At this point, I’m feeling like panic may be the appropriate response.

  8. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  9. Damn. Feel better soon.

  10. Oh yuk, I hope you feel much better very soon.

    Sometimes, when I’m ill, I really wish my kids came with an off button. Or even just a pause button. We made them laugh the other day by telling them their tummy buttons were really mute buttons. They stayed quiet for all of 10 blissful seconds.

  11. I feel your pain! Glad to hear you are on the mend.

    C isn’t so much into Nova, but LOVES all of the How It’s Made type shows. Perfect for a 5 yo attention span.

  12. Day 5????? Oh good lord! Feel better soon!!!

  13. I hope you feel better soon!

  14. Neatnik loves making things programming, too. Good Eats is her fave.

    Feel better – spring’s got to arrive and reverse all of the infectious diseases sooner or later.

    Hopefully sooner.

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