Banging my head on the keyboard…

When I first got my copy of The Book of Yarn, I devoured it completely, many times over. Then, I began thinking about what I should make first. Suddenly I had a realization:

The Honeycomb Bag was cute.

I have three balls of Cashmerino Astrakhan in my stash, in two colors.

I have the perfect fabric from Amy Butler’s Nigella to line it with.

I can make a cute, quick project and use up stash!!! It was the prefect project for the new year.

So, I made the first half and once I got used to the boucle, it practically knit itself. I could just see the cute fabric liner inside, with perhaps a matching fabric flower on the outside. It would be stunning.

I cast on for the second half and knit, knit a bit more, then thought to myself, I don’t have much blue yarn left. I kept knitting, hopeful. Then I checked the pattern, and swore furiously many times over.

I had thought it took one skein each, so I didn’t think carefully about which yarn to use for A or B. Looking more carefully, I noticed it calls for TWO skeins of A and one of B. I own two green skeins and one blue so had I actually read it this would not be a problem. But what did I do? I used blue for A and green for B.

So now, rather than use up stash completely, I have to BUY MORE of the blue, and still have one skein of green left over. Even if I use green rather than blue for the gusset, I still need at least a half skein of the blue. And the LYS I bought it at doesn’t carry it anymore, so now I have to pay shipping too.

This one hurts. It should have been so easy…..



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10 responses to “Banging my head on the keyboard…

  1. Doh! I bet it’ll be lovely, though.

  2. Guinifer

    Oh hon, been there, done that!

  3. Alas! But it’ll look great when you’re done…

  4. Oh, ya…I’ve never done that. At least you used up SOME stash. That deserves a pat on the back.

  5. Ouch! It will look wonderful though

  6. Oh dear. *Passing the virtual chocolate.*

  7. Oh yeah, gotta love those knitting hiccups…I’ve learned to become a ‘durn good problem solver since I picked up the needles. And yes, super cute bag!

  8. Bummer! At least you’re enjoying the knitting and will have a super cute bag in the end. All’s not lost.

  9. LOVE that book!

    So sorry about the yarn! A girl could go crazy!!

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