Something to keep me focused

So one thing I’ve really been wanting to do this year is spend more time on spinning. I think this might help me stay motivated, although with all the spinning I’ve been doing lately it’s not a problem.


Dave over at Cabin Cove has come up with this nice idea for 2008.

I’m not sure I’ll go the spreadsheet route, but I do want to focus on spinning better quality yarn and various fibers, so it’s still right up my alley.

Now if only I could take a picture of what I’ve been spinning this week!



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9 responses to “Something to keep me focused

  1. Can we designate one day of the week as “Internet Knitters Spinning Day”?

    Or something…

  2. Love the idea of more spinning. Why can’t you share a picture, did your camera get broken?

  3. Have you heard about the Fiber Studio? My mother in law just sent me an article bout it, it’s new and just opened on 48th and NIcollet. Looks like a fun place!

  4. Good idea! I might join you. Of course, for me, there MUST be a spreadsheet involved. I’m so geeky that way ;o)

  5. I’m going to spin more too! It’s difficult with young ones though, isn’t it?

  6. lara

    Hi Becca-

    Send me an email and I will forward that tam pattern to you. I don’t see your email address here on the site.


  7. Good luck with this year’s ‘more spinning’! It’s a goal I’ve set myself as well.

    Thanks for popping by my blog πŸ™‚ oh and I love the red tam in your post further down!

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