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Come On, Get Happy

Wow, a week since my last post. That’s what happens when you go home from work with a sinus infection and forget your laptop there. Seriously, the pain was so bad I could barely drive home on Monday. Anyone have success in dealing with chronic sinus issues? I’m getting so tired of these flare ups.

So what’s happened while I was suffering all week? Growth, for one. I’m always amazed when my kids hit a new spurt. This time it’s all about the words.

Knittybaby is talking, and talking, and talking. All day long I hear:

“I do! ”


“CD! CD!”



Of course, the knowledge that he can now really communicate makes it even more frustrating for him when he tries but we don’t get it. When I can’t decipher his babyspeak I’m met with massive screaming, pushing and “No!” every time I make a suggestion as to what he is talking about. Frustrating at times, exciting to see, and even a bit weird occasionally when he surprises me with what he says and understands. I keep thinking, “this is my baby, he’s not supposed to do that yet, is he?” But he does. Every day I think how incredible it really is.

Little Man has his head exploding with letters. Suddenly he’s realized that these letters make sounds, and sounds make words, and if he can figure it all out he’ll be able to read. It’s an amazing process to watch, and I’m so happy that he has come to this on his own interests rather than being pushed into it before he was ready.

He’s got about ten random letters figured out, and he spends his day asking me what this words is, and that letter, and this sound, trying so hard to spell something other than his name. I’m loving all this growth and I’m so excited to see how thrilled he is about all of this.

I also feel like my head might explode a bit, when I’ve got one kid yelling “Mimi! mimi! mimi” and another one yelling, “Mom, now what does it spell?” (“Rxbdft!!! Almost the same as rxbtt!” We need to work on some vowels.) All with a very sweet beagle under my feet while I’m cooking dinner with a sinus infection. But still fun most of the time!

Little Man also decided to restyle his hair this week. For the last two weeks he’s been asking me to cut it, “Short on the top and sides and long in the back.”

“No, that’s a mullet. That is the only haircut I won’t let you have.”

“But I LIKE mullets!!”

Before you get too afraid, he did not give himself a mullet. He did however cut his hair in a way that makes him look like David Cassidy in the Partridge Family years. I’ve got to take him in now to have it fixed, and I’m trying to decide if I let him keep his Cassidy look or opt for something a little more trimmed, but still with his shaggy boy hair that I love so much.

My artist

He still looks a lot like the above picture, only with a feathered look. Hmmmm…..

And just to show her off a bit, here is a pic of Bailey. She is ALL beagle, but we’re loving her. As you can tell, she is a very serious girl!

Miss Bea

Where’s that kid who keeps dropping his food?



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