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I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I’ll amend this a bit to be buy handmade or local, as there are a few items I want for the boys that I can’t make. But, I’m thinking that about 75% of my gifts will be handmade items and the rest from small local shops. I may have to order this crane if my local toy shop can’t order it for me, but that should be the only non-locally purchased item.

Since I’m trying not to be crazy, I won’t be making everything myself. But, with Etsy as an online option that makes life much easier. And for you locals who might be wondering where you can get great handmade items, here’s a quick Twin Cities rundown of where I’ll be shopping for handmade goods:

I Like You at 42nd and Nicollet in Minneapolis. Seriously, this is an awesome, awesome shop. It’s like having my own personal Etsy shop to visit whenever I want.

Edited to add: I Like You is sponsoring the Handmaiden Minneapolis Craftmas: Indie Art and Craft Show on December 9th. I’m quite psyched about this and now need to save even more money!

Gift Shop Co-op at 3023 E 35th Street. I haven’t been here yet but it looks intriguing.

No Coast Craftorama!!!! ‘Nuff said.

Textile Center at 3000 UniversityAve SE. They have an ongoing holiday sale with the grand opening being this weekend. They even have a family day on December 2nd, where you can shop while the kiddos have fun. I’ll be teaching the pre-school activitiy that day, so if you come stop by to say hi!

Re-Gifts at 1842 E. 42nd St in Minneapolis. Awesome shop, and I just noticed they have an online shop too, if you’re not a local.

I’m going to try to do my top ten Etsy shops another day. Have a great weekend!



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16 responses to “I Love This

  1. Great list! Re-Gift is on East 42nd Street… πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for that list!! Must check out I Like You today.

  3. Amy

    I can’t wait for No Coast. I had a great time there last year.

  4. Thanks for the list – I just was writing out my list of names to shop for last night!

  5. Hi KnittyMama-i’m holding down the fort at I Like You today, and we’ve had some folks come in and mention your blog-so THANK YOU!!!!

    Our website’s up and running now-you can find us online at ilikeyouonline.com. And yes, we’re all about buying local and buying often!

    Would you mind adding one more destination to your list? I Like You is sponsoring a craft fair on the 9th of December-you can find information at the-handmaidens.blogspot.com

  6. (whoops)
    with 25 local vendors and sponsors.


  7. Thanks for the list! Although I’m not in your area I think I’ll be ordering from Re-Gift.

    Last year I did a knitted Christmas. Every gift was knitted. This year is ‘charity donation’Christmas and next year is hand sewn christmas. Fun, fun!

  8. Oh, what a great list of shops! Thank you!

  9. I am making quite a few things. I just wish one year I could be organized enough to have a good majority done, if not all of it, like by July ~sigh~

  10. Handmade gifts are a wonderful treat! I love the coasters and the bag.

  11. I’m trying my hardest – I haven’t taken the pledge officially (call me a coward if you will) but I have lots of plans. Most of my gifts will be sewn rather than knotted, as I’m not that fast, but I am going to do my best …

  12. I already bought two woven items at the Weaver’s Guild Holiday Fair last weekend at the Textile Center. Put it on your list for next year – there are lots of gorgeous table linens and rugs. Unfortunately, I usually end up buying one thing that I can’t bear to give up!

    thanks for the list!

  13. I’m trying to hand make many of our gifts as well. I know I won’t be able to do it all, but I’m trying!

  14. Just placed a bog etsy order. Thanks for the “local” list. I try to make it to the cities once a week and may be able to hit them all before the Holidays!

  15. Can’t wait for No Coast, so excited.

  16. Julie

    Thanks so much for posting this list. I feel overwhelmed each year (about now) trying to make all my gifts, but I know that buying handmade and/or locally are the next best thing. And congrats on the addition to your family! I’m slowly convincing my husband that we should have a greyhound. I don’t think he’ll come around as quickly as your husband did with your beagle, but I’m nudging him along. πŸ™‚

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