So what did I knit?

Wow, didn’t mean to go a whole week with no post. It’s been a long week. Some parts great, some parts not so great, and I could write for an hour and still not get into it all. So I’m going directly to the knitting. (I will say, however, that the Skeptic and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary on November 1st. Because that’s very happy news, too happy to leave out!:-)

So first, you’re all wondering what skein did I order? I’m taking my time, but right now I’m torn between Wollmeise (color!! yardage!!!) and Yarn Love (color! bamboo! silk!). Handmaiden had become my first choice, but my dear mom asked me to knit a hat for her, which means she’s buying. So I still get to knit up some beautiful Handmaiden Mini Maiden for my mom. (She picked out the Webs Tam).

What did I knit to hit ten?

Superhero Socks!!!
Picture 002

Little Man requested “superhero” socks in the colors of red, white and blue. I had some Lion Brand Magic Stripes sitting around that was perfect for the job. Both boys are extremely pleased I’m finally done. So am I, as I have to say Magic Stripes was not my favorite to knit with. There was just a feeling to the yarn that I didn’t like, too nylon-ish, maybe. But it did the job, the socks are comfy and the boys are happy.

Picture 007

Yes, that’s an end sticking out. Knittybaby doesn’t seem to mind. When asked, “Do you like your socks he says, “I do!” However, he also answers “I do” to every question asked these days, so who knows. He seems happy.
Picture 002

Just don’t tell Little Man I posted them on the blog. He informed me halfway through our photo shoot that these are “secret socks” and bailed as soon as he realized I planned to reveal them to the world.

Skeptic Socks!!!!
Skeptic socks

He refused to take off the sandals but I think you get the idea:
Skeptic socks 2
(Note to self, dining room with crappy need-to-be-refinished floors and crummy old table not the best place to take pictures, especially with a flash.)

Out of yarn!

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (unknown colorway) and Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino for the cuffs and parts of the leg on one sock.

It’s interesting, I started with two pretty evenly divided balls of the Cherry Tree Hill. I knit the first sock with the smaller ball and added the brown cuff for a bit more length. The second sock was knit with the bigger ball, and I was nearly out of yarn soon after turning the heel. I blended in the brown Lucy Neatby in with the Cherry Tree Hill, which worked out okay. But clearly one needs two skeins of Cherry Tree for a pair of man’s socks.

And the Skeptic??? He is coming around to hand knit socks. As for these, he says the fit is great and they are quite comfortable. The only problem? His feet got too hot. Now, it was only in the 50’s this weekend, so we’ll see now that it’s cooler out. But his next pair (yes, he loves them enough to get a second pair) will be in a cotton or bamboo blend.

After the knitting, we have goodies!!!! My Coffeeswap package arrived this week. I uncovered my batteries yesterday so I could finally take pictures. Look what Mrs. Pao sent!!!

Picture 021

This is such a gorgeous package. Chocolates, cookies, coffee, yarn and adorable stitch markers! I’m so happy with it all. Mrs. Pao will notice that some items are missing as we could not wait for the batteries to devour the treats. The coffee was quickly brewed up and the treats opened. I had two other smaller packets of coffee and a bunch of the 1 Euro white chocolate coins. Too yummy to wait! (Wow, my photography skills are not too hot here.)

Let’s try a yarn picture with the flash. This is much more true to the color (if I only had sunlight!)
Picture 022

She sent Posh Yarn and it is just gorgeous. I am so in love with this yarn that I cast on for a tam already. The color is to die for. (I’m crazy for green lately).

Thank you Mrs. Pao for such a wonderful package!!! I hope you love yours as much!!!

This last picture is for my mom.

A guest

The sweetest stray beagle in the world, as well as perfect houseguest. She totally wants to go home to you. Little Man says you’d better talk Grandpa into it. 🙂



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15 responses to “So what did I knit?

  1. That’s a long post! You really should split is up a little bit! I love the Skeptic’s socks. The brown looks really nice with the CTH. Guess I should get my Coffeeswap package in the mail – it’s been marinating on my desk for about a week now. That is a sweet beagle, but you say he’s a stray? How did he come to you? (Beagles follow their noses you know and often become lost/strayed.)

  2. missscarlett

    Stray Beagle? Oh – what is the story there/ Poor little mite.

    Love that the Superhero socks are to be secret! The inner workings of young minds.

    The Skeptics socks are awesome – that’s all it will take. A handknit pair of socks and he’s going to need a new nickname for the blog!

    Love the colour of your gift yarn – yummy.

  3. Lovely socks. I am always knitting socks. My father made some very rude comments about handknit socks recently but that’s fine – he just won’t be getting any! I particularly love knitting socks for children – all the fab colours you can get away with!

    And lucky you, with such a beautiful swap package. I don’t blame you for eating the chocolates 😉

  4. Magic Stripes may not be the most luxurious sock yarn out there – but it is economical for the rapidly growing feet!

  5. All the socks are fantastic!

    I bought some Yarn Love for a swap pal, and it’s drool-worthy. I really, really wanted to keep it for myself, le sigh!

  6. Meg

    The super hero socks are brilliant, but I promise I won’t tell anyone about them 😉 Cool that the Skeptic is coming around. Congrats on the anniversary, too!

  7. Happy anniversary! What great goodies! MrsPao sends WONDERFUL packages, doesn’t she?

  8. Deb

    A friend gave me a skein of Posh yarn- Lucia (merino/cashmere), and I have been washing them in the machine. LOVE them. It’s great yarn. I haven’t worked with any other of her base yarns.

    If you want a peek at Wollmeise socks, I have a pair at the Yarnery for the “Socks in the Cities” kal. (Pictured here: I think they’ll be there for the next week.

  9. What a sweet little doggie!! I just love those eyes…

    There is also a great deal of other niceness in this post. Socks, candy, cute kid feet, and an anniversary! I’m glad it was a good one!

  10. I love all the family socks! Good tip about CTH not having enough yardage for man socks. Great gifts too, and very sweet dog.

  11. Super Secret Sockalicious! Grandpa had better approve the pupster. 🙂

  12. What a sweet beagle! The socks are gorgeous, especially the skeptics. Happy late anniversary.

  13. I’d want to take that beagle home! I love your socks – they are all gorgeous 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your package! Thank you so much for yours!

  14. Great socks! Great package and what a cute little dog!

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