In case you were wondering….

Also titled: Why Not To Do a Photo Shoot Before Dinner

“I can’t believe it took me 6 months to get this sweater photographed. I really want a gorgeous picture of it. Hurry! We’ll have sun for about five minutes! Why don’t I live in a state that has sun?!?”

“You can’t take a picture of me in the scarf and the sweater. That will look dumb.”

“See? It looks dumb.”

“Stop! Hey! Get off your brother. Remember, when he screams it’s his way of saying doesn’t like that.”

“Take another one. Oh, crap, forget it…those two are killing each other over there.”

“Now it’s all wrinkly. I look all wrinkly.”



“Forget it. Good enough, let’s feed them before someone gets hurt.”


Pattern: Striped Raglan from Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns. I love this book.

Yarn: Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks. Colors? Lost the lables, but the light green is avacado.

Needles: size 8

Started. Two years ago?
Finished: March 2007

Finally posted: today!!!

Verdict: Raglans rock. Perfect fit, although I goofed up the stripe sequence a bit, but it still works. Ann Budd, I love you!!!



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20 responses to “In case you were wondering….

  1. It looks great on you – I love it!

    Your description of the boys’ behavior during your photo shoot sounds familiar – that’s my kids about 75% of the time, haha.

  2. Hey that sounds like photo shoots at my house! It looks lovely on you.

  3. The sweater looks amazing! I have that book, too, but haven’t yet done more than read it. Maybe for my next project…

  4. It’s really cute on you! Hee hee – I’m glad no one was maimed for the photo shoot.

  5. Tres jolie!
    Yet another book I must check out.

    I am so jaded, it all sounded like you had a lot of background noise!!!

  6. Wow – you made that?! Awesome. So pretty.

  7. It’s beautiful, and does not look wrinkly at all! The blue is perfect.

  8. I know I probably shouldn’t laugh but that is funny and would you want it any other way? It would be boring any other way!!

    Great sweater by the way!!

  9. octopusknits

    What a beautiful sweater – I love those stripes!

  10. Lovely sweater!! I made a raglan cardigan from that book and it really is so great.

  11. knittymama's mama

    Grandma T. would have said you have “cats and pajamja kids”. I don’t know what that means, but I think it would be them. Love your photo shot story! and the sweather is beautiful!!

  12. The sweater looks wonderful. I am always amazed at how much you manage to knit with two little kids.

  13. Welcome to my world!
    Looks good on you.

  14. I don’t have children and can take pictures any time I want. And they still don’t come out as well as yours. Nor do my sweaters. That is beautiful and the fit is perfect! Nicely done!

  15. Lovely! You are so funny –but I bet its all true about the kids acting up during your closeup:)

  16. didn’t I meet that sweater at the Harlot event earlier this year?

    looks great!

  17. Fabulous sweater! You’ll miss these days when your children are 29 and 27…really, you will, honest, ROFL.

  18. missscarlett

    Goofed up the stripe sequence?? You would never know.
    The sweater is great – and a perfect fit.

    Love the photo session commentary – hilarious. Well…to be reading it anyways. 😉

  19. It looks great! Your stitches are so even. Very nice.

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