I’m Not the Only One

So after years of the Skeptic shaking his head at all the pictures of stash, studios, knitting needles and other online fiber goodness, do you know what I caught him looking at tonight?


No, it’s not knitting, but it is equally geeky as knitblogging can be. Basically, it’s pages and pages of woodworkers taking detailed and pictures of their shops with explanations of each picture.  I post this as proof that I am not the only one with crafty geek tendencies in this household.

I was going to post on the hat that I am making, but the Skeptic has our Netflix all cued up with a hot pot of tea, so I’ll run for tonight.

Contest update on the sidebar! Keep ’em coming!!!!



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12 responses to “I’m Not the Only One

  1. WOW! Now that website gives knitblogs a run for the money. Different strokes for different folks…

  2. Nope, you’re not the only one…

  3. Now that sounds like a good night. What’s on the Netflix?

  4. I immediately passed that site onto my husband, Mr. Daisy. He bought a Laguna TSS, over 1,000 lbs of table saw, and had to take it to pieces to get it in the basement. When he mentioned this to the customer service person, they immediately asked if he had pictures so they could post it on their website. Flashing that stash seemed easy by comparison!

  5. LOL!!

    My husband doesn’t have any geeky hobbies but I thought this was really funny. I knew knitters didn’t have the corner on the market.

  6. Well, everyone has got their thing, right? And he finally found his online. Funny!

  7. See! There’s a obsession for every taste. 🙂

    What did you watch? We watched Kung Fu Hustle last night. I’d have to say… eh.

  8. On a (somewhat) related note, The Guardian just published an fascinating article with photos of famous writers’ rooms, accompanied by those writers’ explanations of what’s in them.

  9. I do love it when the inner geek gets hauled out into the light of day! Makes Ravelry seem like the most logical way to spend a day ever…

    Great job on the fundraising. Things seem to be really moving along over in the sidebar!

  10. LOL! Chris was ogling woodworking sites for a long time, too. Now he’s moved on to bike sites… It’s good to have your partner hooked on hobby sites as well, it definitely leaves him less room to criticize/mock you (not that mine does, nor do I expect yours does).

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