Flood Relief Contest


I’m sure most of you have heard about the devastating floods that have taken place in Southeastern Minnesota and Southwestern Wisconsin by now. There has been terrible loss of life and property, but one group that has been hit especially hard are the organic farmers of the region. This is a fertile area, and home to a rich organic farming community. I ‘ve recently learned that Wisconsin is second only to California in the number of organic farms.

You can read about the heartbreaking damage to a few of our local farms here. Our own CSA, Harmony Valley Farm, was hit terribly hard as were many, many more. This is an agonizing loss for these farmers. Not only have they lost their crops but they have suffered erosion and equipment damage, and have had to lay off workers as well. While most farms are hoping to make it through the damage there are also many who have an uncertain future.

Organic farming has long been near and dear to our hearts. We sincerely believe that when it comes to our the health of both our environment and our bodies, organic farmers are the folks who will truly make a difference in our future. The farmers in our region put their heart and soul into everything they do, often just scraping by to provide us all with delicious, healthy food. They are leaders in organics, teaching and inspiring others around the country.

When I first got an e-mail from Harmony Valley about their incredible losses, my heart broke for them. Once I began to find out about the losses around our region, I felt helpless but unsure of what to do. But then I saw that Sow the Seeds is doing a fundraiser, and then I thought, “The knitters! The knitters will help!” And so here I am, with both a contest and a plea for you all to help our organic farmers.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Make a donation to Sow the Seeds. You can donate online or send a check. If you are in the region you can can also donate at your local co-op. Donate $5 or $100, any amount will help!!
2. Send me an e-mail (knittymama AT yahoo DOT com) letting me know your donation amount so we can keep track of how much we knitters are collecting for the farmers.

3. Create a link on your blog to this flood relief contest so we can let others know about the need for help.

4. If you do the above three steps, you will, of course, be entered in a random drawing for yarn. (You knew there was yarn coming, didn’t you?)

The winner will have a choice of:

Some beautiful Fleece Artist DSC03724

or Spunky Eclectic Tough Sock (this one is her Yarn of the Month club selection for August, you can’t buy it!)


Edited to add: Be sure to check this post  for additional prizes!

I’ll run this Knitters without Borders style, on your honor. (I trust you knitters.) The contest will remain open until September 29th. On October first, I’ll randomly draw a winner from all of those who donated.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to see how much we can raise this month! Now go and spread the love, people.



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13 responses to “Flood Relief Contest

  1. knittymama's mama

    Isn’t this sad, ironically, had not heard much reporting of “farm” damage. Thanks for the Sow the Seeds fundraiser info., will do. How kind of you to post this idea – You are the best!!!! 🙂

  2. What a great contest and worthy cause.

  3. Us sewers/bakers would like to put a link in – should it be in the side bar or a main post?

  4. This is terrible. My aunt’s CSA was affected too, not sure to what extent – hopefully not as bad as yours was, though they did lose the rest of their crops for the season. Not good at all.

    I see that my co-op is on the list of places to donate, so I’ll do that next time I’m over there. Thank you for the heads-up!

  5. Thanks for the heads up about Sows of Seeds; my parents live near Mississippi Market, so I think I’ll go over there today and look for the donations there. : )

  6. What a great thing to do! I will have to do this at the Wedge next time I’m there.

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  8. missscarlett

    I haven’t heard of any of this – that’s awful.

    Organic farming is something I am 100% behind. When I get paid I will be off to donate.

    I am so sorry to hear about the floods your way.

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  10. Just sent you an email about our donation. By the way, if you’re a coffee drinker, the Peace Coffee company is making a STS coffee available right now where a certain portion of the price goes to STS. Keep up the hard work!

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