After three and a half days, I think his fever has finally broken, poor baby. He’s snoring in my lap right now. I’ve never had a kid be this sick for this long. Your heart just goes out to them…

My lovely baby sling? Full of puke. I’ve actually discovered the only down side to the baby sling in four years of using one. When your baby goes into full on exorcist-style puking while in the sling, you’re pretty much out of luck. You’re not getting that baby out in time. Prepare for a good drenching.

Thanks for all the sweet comments!!



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11 responses to “Sleepy

  1. I’m glad it sounds like he’s getting better! But alas re: the sling…

  2. SP10

    I’m happy to hear he’s feeling better! Thank goodness slings are machine washable! 🙂

  3. I’m glad he’s feeling better. But the sling… ew.

  4. OK, there’s some imagery I didn’t need. So glad he’s feeling better, though.

  5. knittymama's mama

    So glad KB is feeling better,just in time for the nice, warmer weekend ahead.

  6. Oh, been there done that, glad he’s on the mend. It’s such an anxious time when thet’re unwell.

  7. So sorry to hear that your darling baby has not been feeling well. I remember when my little one got roseola he spiked a high fever too for several days and had this big red patch on his stomach.

    It sounds like your little on is on the road to recovery. I hope all is well soon!

  8. Glad to read that your baby is feeling better!

  9. Beaver bones would definately intrigue my youngsters. Happy to hear about your little one’s recovery. How nice that the man returned your purse. Maybe you can whip out a hat or scarf and keep it with you to give to this man should you see him again. I’ll bet that he’d treasure it.

  10. I love the baby ensemble!! The yarn you used for the bonnet and edging is gorgeous!

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