The Good Postman

The Good Postman came today, with packages! First he made up for the package that the Not-So-Good Postman messed up. My last SP9 package!


Look at all these beauties! A candle, notebook, and more of that lovely soap she sent before (I LOVE handmade soap). There were chocolates, but I had to hide them as Little Man was having a fit because I only would give him two. So they are now “up-high” as we like to call it. Do you see the beautiful handknit washrag? And of course, the yarn! 1450 yards of lace weight merino. I think I’m in heaven. Now, what shawl should I knit with it? dsc02697.JPG

Thank you so much Jennifer for being such a great pal! I’ve loved everything!

So what else did he bring?

My Spunky Club yarn for March:dsc02705.JPG

Pretty, isnt’ it? Very Easter-ish, I think. It reminds me of dying eggs. The yellows and greens are actually brighter than the picture, almost a neon, but they look great with the softer blues. I think they’ll make great socks for the boys.

I also received a little treat for myself: Lotta Jansdotter’s “Simple Sewing.” Just beautiful. You can’t beat a book with 24 patterns in it!

But I don’t just have patterns to show off, I have been knitting:dsc02690.JPG

The Project Spectrum soaker is nearly finished.


This yarn, from Sandy’s Palette, is a great example of how a yarn can look even better when knit up. I liked it on the skein, but love it as a sock.


The Skeptic Socks on Cherry Tree Hill Yarn. You’ll notice some deviation from my usual here. I’m trying toe-up again, and I’m trying it on two circulars. The toe-ups are because apparently the Skeptic likes his socks as high as possible. After being together for over 13 years, I have just learned that he wishes all his socks would come up to his knees. I find this hilarious for some reason. But with just one skein, that’s not going to happen. How far can I even go? Shoudl I start looking for a second skein. He’s only a 10 and 1/2.

I’m not so sure about the circulars either. I’m finding that with my tendency to knit tight on socks I have trouble sliding the yarn back over the join each time, which slows me down. Ideas?

Okay, that’s a lot for one post. I’m off to add another arm to a little bear.

P.S. Don’t forget to get your contest entry in!



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14 responses to “The Good Postman

  1. knittymama's mama

    Great package, “almost” wish I was a knitter too!

  2. Gorgeous socks you have started!!! Isn’t it wonderful getting fun mail? Who knew blogging would lead to so much mail…

  3. HEEE..i’m so glad you liked everything in the package. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your socks and the soaker are coming out awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great color on the Skeptic Socks!

  5. Great packages, I love the easter yarn. The socks you’re making look great, I love the colors.

  6. Not sure if you have tried the Addi Turbo circular needles for knitting your socks, but I have found that their join does not slow me down, and they are super smooth to work with. I know they are a little expensive, but as Cat Brodi said in her book “Socks Soar on Circular Neeles”, we can buy the needles and then eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to stay on budget. Great advice, for me anyways.

  7. I’ve not tried socks on circs so I’m no help.

    Love that yarn from Sandy’s Palette – which yarn is that you’re using? It’s gorgeous.

  8. So many great goodies you have there!!!

    Your socks look great. Lots of nice colour going on!!!

  9. Oooh, lots of fabby goodies, have fun! (I also thought of egg dyes when I saw that SE yarn!)

  10. Ahh, I could not figure out what has been missing from my life? Guess what, it was you! I can’t believe I never caught that your blog moved. It has been over a month. Wow where has my head been? Love the new site.

  11. I am glad you have had some pleasent moments to help you through a tough week. Happy Birthday too!!!!

    It is always the way you have a good stretch, life is good your organized, you have been able to knit and the weather is getting better and just when you feel on top something changes….schedules, the kids learning new things, the five year old getting far too grown up and independent and ~poof~ it all goes for a crap but then you pick yourself back up and with the good things that have come your way brush yourself off and begin again…..crazy cycle with fortunatly many perks but still some days tough.

    Hope next week is a bit better!

    And thankfully you have knitting…..I can’t believe I lived so long without knitting to keep me sane LOL

  12. I love your spunky club yarn. It’s so pretty. The lace weight is lovely too.

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