Valentine’s Day?

Yeah, our Valentine’s decorations are a little bit late. But, I’m pleased that I stuck it out and finished this little garland up.

The lighting wasn’t so hot and I had a hard time getting a good shot. But they look beautiful hanging by the window and I’ll leave them up until Easter, to add a bit of color to the house. Lately I’m wishing for the house to be filled with color. It feels so blah lately….

The heart garland is a kit from Anna Maria Horner. This was a perfect practice project for me. Practice in using my rotary cutter for more than straight lines (easy!) and having to sew curves (HARD!) although I got better.

The big trouble was my sewing machine. All of a sudden it wouldn’t bring up the bobbin thread. I messed with it for an hour and gave up. The suggestion at Mom’s Night last evening was to change my needle and wind a new bobbin. Those mamas are smart, it did the trick and the garland was finished last evening.

Now for a little envy: SOCK CLUB!!!

I joined one at Spunky Eclectic. I love her colors and you join on a month to month basis, which I like. The one for February is called Forecast.

Considering we’re swamped with snow here, it’s perfect. We’re gonna hunker down for the next day and enjoy a nice snowstorm!

And just because there’s always room for a good laugh at the end of a post, guess what Little Man called me this morning? “Friggin’ Mom. Friggin, friggin Mom!” He did not like the lack of chocolate in his breakfast options. Apparently the Skeptic and I have not cleaned up our vocabulary quite enough.



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3 responses to “Valentine’s Day?

  1. Sheepish Annie

    Little Man’s vocabulary is as colorful as your yarn! I’m always amazed at what the little fellers pick up.

    I used to have the same bobbin issues when I started sewing. I don’t know why it was happening or what I am doing differently now, but all of a sudden I’m good with the bobbin thread. Weird…

  2. Catherine

    And I was just about to take my sewing machine out tomorrow to give it a little go again…not very inspiring! I mean, I’m thrilled that you got it all worked out (and your hearts are darling), but it *never* works out quite so well for me. Never. Stay tuned. 🙂

  3. kmkat

    “Friggin mama”? Could have been worse. A lot worse. You guys have cleaned up your language quite well enough, I’d say 🙂

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