Breaking News: Preschooler Attacks Yarn

I entered the playroom to clean up tonight to find this:

Upon closer inspection I found this: (You might want to cover your eyes if you’re sensitive)


The weapon:

An oh so cute and very tempting flower cutter.

More grisly evidence:

And more:
Multiple cuttings!!

The main suspect unfortunately was asleep at the time of my discovery so I was unable to question him. However, my instincts suspect this is a case of “busy parents/bored child/cool new tools” syndrome. I returned all evidence to the knitting bag for later repairs, as it was too dreadful to attempt tonight.

Anyone know how much it would cost me to add a studio onto the house? One that locks?



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14 responses to “Breaking News: Preschooler Attacks Yarn

  1. Guinifer

    Good thing that culprit was asleep, huh! I’m picturing a “wanted” poster in my head.

  2. Javajem

    Oi!! You are taking it much better than I would! My dogs once ate a sock in progress and I couldn’t even bring myself to work on them again. They are still in s ziplock bag – thrown into the closet somewhere – broken, chewed double points and all!

  3. kmkat

    Plastic handcuffs are cheaper than adding on to the house. Maybe you could even find some in *cool* colors πŸ™‚

  4. Mama Grouch

    I was totally going to say handcuffs! I am glad I am not the only slightly sick and twisted person in the world.

    I am looking at the piles of yarn and half finished projects laying around the house and mentally trying to calculate how far I am pushing my luck. One of these days I am going to find a pile of twisted yarn on the ground and then my life (or the Creep’s) will be over.

  5. Jeanne

    Oops. Perhaps a lockable knitting bag would do the trick?

  6. Catherine

    Ohmygod.Ohmygod.Ohmygod. Wishing your knitting a speedy recovery and your son too…I’m not sure how I would have been able to keep the rage inside on that one!

  7. jennifer

    oh nooooooooooooo! my greatest fear!

  8. Suz

    aaaaargh! The horror!

  9. irishmama

    I’ve had it happen too, The Phantom Wool Cutter, or sometimes The Phantom Frogger, with 3 children I never was able to find out which one it was. Luckily they are now bored (or maybe they have matured) with that.

  10. Twisted Knitter

    An often-heard phrase around here is, “It’s a good thing you’re cute!”

    Luckily, they’re not too terrible around knitting, but they’ve been known to mess up a Kacha-Kacha.

  11. Heide

    Oh, the humanity!

  12. Beth

    Oh my!
    I’m so sorry.
    It’s a good thing they’re cute. Well, when they’re asleep at least.

  13. Alison

    Been there. Luckily mine was only cut in one place, between the ball and project. I second the “It’s a good thing they’re cute” statement. Good luck!

  14. omg is that the toool i gave you? i am sorrrrry πŸ™‚

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