Am I the only knitter in the Twin Cities not here …

Am I the only knitter in the Twin Cities not here this weekend?

I prefer to avoid the Wasteland, I mean the Mall of America, at all costs. The Skeptic will only go if he’s been tricked by well meaning relatives who think “you can’t come to the Twin Cities and not go!” (Yes you can. It’s a mall. It’s big. It’s loud. It has a roller coaster in the middle. That’s it.) I will only go when I need a specific item and absolutely cannot find it anyplace else closer, and I definitely will not go there with both boys by myself. I did that once for Little Man’s Crocs and it took me 24 hours to recouperate. I know I sound crabby about it and some people love it, but well, the place makes me crabby. ‘Nuf said.

So while it would be fun to be completely surrounded by knitters and all things knitting, and I’m a little bummed I’m missing some of the events, it’s just not worth the trouble today. So instead, I’m home, winding yarn and getting excited for what will truly be the biggest knitting event here ever. Now that will be a gathering not to be missed!



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5 responses to “Am I the only knitter in the Twin Cities not here …

  1. Sheepish Annie

    I hear ya! I went to SPA Knit and Spin this weekend and lasted all of two hours. It was a bit overwhelming for a hermit such as myself. Looking back, I wish I’d stuck it out, but I’ll do better next year!

    Meanwhile, there is something to be said for hanging out at home with the knitting!

  2. caro

    I’m pretty excited about the Yarn Harlot coming too! Hopefully I’ll be living in MN by then.

  3. kmkat

    I’m not there this weekend, either. Friends went but it just didn’t work for me. Oh, well.

    But La Harlot in St. Paul — I’m there, too! I saw her in Eau Claire and have the photo to prove it.

  4. Jeanne

    I wasn’t there. I refuse to go in that place on weekends, and hardly ever go there at any other time.

  5. Guinifer

    Nope, I missed it too. I feel the same way about “that place”. I’m going to be on vacation when the Harlot is here, so I’ll be missing that as well.

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