Where did these come from?

Oh my gosh, it’s a nearly completed pair of socks!

A better view of the colorway:

I was up to the heel on sock one Tuesday night. The Skeptic’s aunt passed away so we drove back to Wisconsin for the funeral. Since the boys were too little to go I just stayed with them at home all day and hunkered down, out of the cold. It’s amazing what knitting you get done with two happy boys and a house you don’t have to worry about cleaning. Although it was sad occasion and his aunt will be greatly missed, it was nice to see family again.

Isn’t this the perfect Project Spectrum colorway? The Yarn is from Little Turtle Knits, the soaker pattern a freebie at Curlypurly.

Look what arrived while I was gone. Cynthia was giving a huge hunk of her stash away. Yup, giving. All she asked in return was a few squares for Warming Grace. Cynthia is such a gererous soul! She sent me a Fleece Artist scarf kit, which I was expecting, and then surprised me with some lovely hand dyed yarn and a project bag. The squares will be out pronto. Thank you Cynthia!!



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5 responses to “Where did these come from?

  1. Alison

    Beautiful stuff! I really like the colorway of those socks.

  2. scappyhappy

    Love your purple sock yarn. Could you share what kind it is? I love the colorway on the yarn.

  3. Guinifer

    Sorry about the skeptic’s aunt. It really did give you some productive time though. I really like that hand dyed yarn you received.

  4. Aunt Jenny

    Beautiful socks!!! Makes me want to get some on my needles now!!

  5. Beemoosie

    the sock colors are just yummy!

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