How to beat cabin fever/Whiplash entry

Find an old, beat up child’s table that’s too rough to use. Get the baby to sleep.

Grab a pile of paper in your three year old’s favorite color and grab some scissors and a cutting mat. And your three year old.

Abandon all dreams of neat, geometrical shapes when you remember your three year old can’t cut straight. Have fun anyway, because he thinks it’s the best thing ever and is cutting with wild abandon.

Get the Modge Podge and start slapping down the paper. Be amazed at your three years old’s ability to find just the perfect shape, despite his crooked cutting.

Glue like crazy, since the baby is now awake after only twenty minutes and will only sit in the high chair eating rice crackers for so long.

Realize that despite it’s “non-toxic” label Modge Podge stinks. Glue even faster and stick that smelly table in the basement to dry.

Try to wash all that Modge Podge off so you can make dinner.

The next day…..

Cover that table with polyurethane. Get your husband to do that part because poly is even stinkier and you can’t even handle Modge Podge. Feel sad because in your rush to finish Modge-Podging you didn’t put enough on and the poly has soaked into the paper, leaving a few weird spots.

Realize you still have a great Whiplash entry and your first completed item for Project Spectrum. Decide you don’t give a hoot about the spots. Your three year old has a killer new art table and you had a fabulous afternoon.

For some reason the code they have to load the button isn’t working, and when I try to load it through my Blogger photos to make the link, all I get is that weird little symbol where the picture is supposed to be. Hmmmmm… anyway, above you’ve got the picture of the button that won’t go anywhere and the plain old link below it. Suggestions? I hate when I can’t figure this stuff out. Usually buttons = no problem!



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5 responses to “How to beat cabin fever/Whiplash entry

  1. Beemoosie

    That table is awesome! Hmmm…what can I try that on…we shall see!

  2. Alison

    That is cool! My girls would love that project. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. irishmama

    The table looks great, my girls table needs to be redone!!!

  4. Guinifer

    I’ll say you have a new killer art table – and I bet he’s really proud of it!

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