As promised…..

Laundry Detergent

You will need:
2-3 T essential oil (orange and lavendar are my favorites)
1/4 cup green clay powder
12 cups baking soda
13 cups borax

I buy the essesntial oils and green clay powder at my coop. If you don’t have a local natural foods shop check out Frontier.

Mix the oil and green clay powder thoroughly together in a bucket. Then, add a few cups of borax and baking soda at a time, mixing the clay/oils bits throughout. Keep mixing until it’s all blended together. There! You’ve got laundry detergent!!!

Use about 1/8 cup per load, 1/4 cup if things are extra dirty and stinky (which is far too often in this house, as far as I’m concerned.)

That gorgeous pile of fabric is from here. Anna Maria is one of my favorite fabric designers and bloggers. That fabric is destined for patchwork curtains. I’ve got some big time plans for sewing around the house. I’ve realized that my home has gotten a little too much red/brown in it and it’s feeling a little blah. Actually, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my tastes in design around the home have changed over the years, but more on that another day. We’ve got a playgroup to get to!

Oh, Anemoi update before I go: I can see the light. I passed the thumb and got 15 more rounds done last night.

Don’t forget the GPA craft fair tomorrow!! I’m hoping to get one last package today of dontations and then I’ll get photos up.


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