Now I know why people love sewing.

It’s a little crooked. The thread’s a little blobby in some places.

Under three hours and this puppy was done. And I didn’t even know what I was doing.

I’ll still always be Knittymama first, but dang if that wasn’t a fast project!



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16 responses to “Speedymama

  1. kmkat

    An inspiring needle case! I bought some fat halves of a batik fabric at a quilt store this weekend to make a needle case — my old one is full to bursting, plus it doesn’t have enough pockets for all the sizes of dpns. Yay for sewing!

  2. renee

    That’s a great needle roll! The fabric is gorgeous!

  3. Stephanie

    That is on the top of my list of “to be made” stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!
    – Stephanie

  4. Anonymous

    Came out beautiful! Congrats on your sewing project.

  5. Anonymous

    It looks great! I like the fabric choice!

  6. Anonymous

    Love that fabric! It’s so bright!

  7. Kelly

    Looks Great! I really need to make one of those for myself!

  8. Anonymous

    Very nice!!!! And a handy thing to have as well. Great job!

  9. Kate

    So very cute. I love the fabric!

  10. Anonymous

    Awesome! Very cool that you whipped it out so quickly. If I wasn’t so scared of my sewing machine, I would be inspired to do the same!

  11. irishmama

    Love the needle case. My daughters just got a sewing machine and fabric for christmas, I might have to steal some and make this.

  12. Anonymous

    Your needle case came out adorable! I love the fabric!

  13. Alison

    Really nice! I keep meaning to do something like that for myself. Never get around to it.

  14. caro

    That’s why I love sewing too. Instant gratification! Looks fab!

  15. Dana

    Love that fabric! Super cute! Did you make up the pattern yourself?

  16. rani

    How cool! A new use for my stash

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