What I came home to…

First, the good….

Although I shouldn’t just say good, I should say incredibly generous and absolutely wonderful!!
My coffeeswap partner, Lia, sent me an incredible package! (Notice those little fingers getting in there?)

Look at all the amazing stuff she sent! I am truly a spoiled girl.

See my new handknit coffee holder? The crazy thing is just the day before I was thinking of how much I could use one of these, and here it is! I love the colors and pattern. I put it in my purse right away so I’ve got it for my next stop.

The coffee, from Cornerstone Coffee Roasters, is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been enjoying it with the toffee and chocolates she sent. There was also a cute little magnet.

And the yarn…I almost dropped over when I saw the label: Fruity Sheep yarn! Lia dyed it herself using all natural dyes. I love, love, love the colors.

I almost dropped the yarn when I saw the label. Can you read that?

It’s my very own colorway, Knittymama’s Coffeeshop! How cool is that?

Now remember those little fingers getting in the box? Lia even enclosed some fun things for Little Man. He wouldn’t hold still for me so this was the best shot I got. Tatoos (which was great timing as his last one was just wearing off; he loves these things) and some stickers. He was so excited to be included!

Lia, what a wonderful, thoughtful package you sent to me! Thank you so very much. You really made my day!

No onto the not good. Remember those cute little fingers? They happen to be connected to a very three year old brain. I present my knitting closet:

The depressing close up shot:

I had hidden some clay high up on the shelf for a cold winter day. I thought it was out of sight and to be honest, Little Man usually avoids my knitting closet. Today was just too much for him though and I guess he thought it would be good entertainment. I doubt much would have happened if he hadn’t noticed the clay. The Skeptic’s take on it? “Sorry, I was making lunch. He was quiet…”



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14 responses to “What I came home to…

  1. bunchkin

    When will they learn that kids being quiet means DANGER DANGER!!! Noise is good, quiet means “They’re getting in to something, run fast!”

  2. Fruity Sheep 2

    SO glad you like it! Maybe the tats will keep him quiet in a good way next time, ;).

  3. Beth

    What a lovely swap package! Isn’t it just too much fun to enjoy a swap package filled with amazing goodies?

    Sorry about your yarn closet. There is nothing so dangerous as a quiet toddler.

  4. Amy

    Great package! Love the Knittymama Coffeeshop yarn! Tough call–use it to make something really cool, or keep it as a memento?

  5. wendy

    it only took 4 kids before that simple truth of ‘quiet is not so good’ to sink in to my husband.
    I weep with you over the chaos.

  6. Gretchen

    I am right there with you and “quiet” 3 year olds- my 3 year old twins recently discovered my sewing box- they had great fun scattering pins and needles, and clipping all my elastic into 4 inch pieces… Two days ago they broke into their big sister’s room and had fun with paints. Never trust a “quiet” toddler, unless you can verify they’re sleeping!
    Nice package!

    verification- “brmmph”- the noise you make when you discovery their handiwork! Brmmph, indeed!

  7. Guinifer

    Hopefully it can all be fixed!

    Little munchkins!

  8. Kelly

    Wow great package, I hope you can find room in that closet. That is one organizing project I would not want to tackle.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh No!!! My 3 year old – actually she’ll be 3 in Feb – but she thinks my yarn is the greatest adventure of all! What is about those pretty little wound up skeins of lovelyness that hey can attract even a 3 year old! =)

  10. Brandie

    The package you recieved looks lovely!

    But sorry about the closet … I always say quiet means trouble! LOL!

  11. Alisha

    Great package!!!

    I am sorry but I had to chuckle at your little hands being connected to a 3 year old brain comment and then the shot of the closet. It is funny in a after you get over the shock of the mess int heyarn closet kinda way.

  12. irishmama

    thats the way my knitting closet looks. Great package, I love the coffee cup warmwer

  13. Anonymous

    Kids…lol I wish I would have space to have it as a yarn closet 😦 how exciting about the package 🙂

  14. Purse_Ho

    that coffee holder is awesome!!! 🙂

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