My haul…

First, I took a trip to Borealis and left with these beauties:

Four skeins of Atacama and a skein of Lucy Neatby’s fingering weight yarn. Once again I’m stuck taking evening pictures so the colors just don’t look as vivid as they do in real life. I love Lucy Neatby’s yarns. I really think the colors are incredible and are a nice change of pace from what I usually see in handpainted yarns in the LYS’s around here. Of course, I love all handpainteds but Lucy’s just really stand out to me lately. They also had added some of her DK weight as well, it’s absolutely lovely.

The boys Christmas sweaters, unblocked:

I still need to bind off the collar on Little Man’ s sweater. Once they’re blocked and I have better shots I’ll give you the full specs.

Best for last, my Aisha Celia handspun:

And hand-dyed:
I really wish I could get even better shots of her yarn. All I can say is it is stunning, stunning, stunning. I had such a terribly hard time picking some out, but settled on the above three. Now I need to come up wioth a plan for all of it. Each of the handspun has about 110 yards and the lace-weight has 880 yards. I can’t wait to get started with it but I’ve got a little holiday knitting to get to. I told myself this year I would take it easy, but I did have a couple of things I’d like to get done if I have the chance. Plus we need mittens around here! Anyway, if you want to treat yourself to something special, check out her yarns. Aisha is an incredibly talented person and was very sweet as well.

As for the boys, we were doing some shopping this afternoon and of course, once again I’m taking too long and Little Man is tired, hungry and crabby, which leaves him to some interesting commentary:

To the lady who was waddling back and forth as she pushed her cart: “Stop walking like that!”

To the twentyish girl with a bad bleach job and way too much make-up. “You look silly! Mom, that lady looks silly!”

The thing I’m realizing about having a three and a half year old is that comments like this no longer yield a chuckle from the recipient. When they’re two it’s obvious that they have no clue what they are saying and people don’t hold it against you as a parent. But at this age, people forget that pre-schoolers can be completely illogical, especially when crabby, and that even though you can have quite the conversation with them their little brains just aren’t wired quite like ours yet. And, they are painfully honest about what they think. Today I got dirty looks. So to the waddling lady, I hope he didn’t hurt your feelings. He really didn’t mean it. To the girl, same thing. (But hon, you did look a little silly. You’re a lovely girl without eight layers of eye liner.)



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4 responses to “My haul…

  1. Guinifer

    All right, first things first. The boys’ sweaters look great.

    Now, that’s out of the way, holy cow! That is some awesome yarn – I cannot wait to hear what you are going to do with all of that beautiousness! (One of our favorite made up words as kids)

  2. Kate

    The yarn is beautiful! I could have used Little Man at the high school choir concert last night. Some of those girls looked really silly and it would have been helpful to have someone around who wasn’t afraid to say so!

  3. Alisha

    i love all your yarn…your going to have some fun with that!!!

    I love that kids are so honest……kids and elderly people. Us pups in betweeen are screwed we have to lie LOL

  4. Diane

    Lusting after your yarn

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