Fetching, aren’t they?

Gee, do you think everyone who’s made these used the same title on their blog when they finished these babies?

Details (terribly incomplete due to the sleeping baby on my lap):
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 in rust and Knitpicks alpaca/silk in blue
Needles: size 7
Guage: um, yeah, I got it
Pattern: Fetching on Knitty
Issues: Now that I finally made them, it’s cold enough that I really need mittens instead.

“The Boys will have sweaters for the Christmas photo” update:

This one is Little Man’s. Still needs a collar. His comment: “I don’t like it because it’s made of yarn.”




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5 responses to “Fetching, aren’t they?

  1. moirae

    You should join the flickr group – it’s full of fetching gloves. I love ’em.

  2. Anonymous

    Tell him it’s made of sheep. That’ll give him something to ponder… 😉

    Your Fetching gloves look great! I should really look into doing a pair of those. In my “spare” time…

  3. RheLynn

    Hehe.. great quote from Little Man – the Fetching armwarmers look great too! The colour is pretty and the stitches really stand out.

  4. Anonymous

    Little Man is too funny! Are you sure he’s your boy? Okay, seeing your “Fetching” wristwarmers really makes me want to make them too. They’re not all that impractical for Moms in Cold States…I mean, I’m always finding that I DON’T wear my mittens because I need my fingers! Solution? Fetching!

  5. sp9 pal

    your gloves are lovely!!

    and your son is hilarious. 🙂

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