Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was a nice trip out of the city back to the Skeptic’s family farm. I often forget how nice the quiet is out there.

I returned to some wonderful packages!

First, Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos sent me the best package as a thanks for doing the coffee swap: a sweet note, cute tape measure (which I was in major need of!) and a kickin’ coffee themed CD mix. The Skeptic and I both enjoyed the CD tonight. I love a great mix, and this is the best I’ve gotten in years!!! Thanks so much!

Next, I got a gorgeous package from my SP9:

She really spoiled me. I got Knit Fix, which I’ve been badly wanting since it came out. Some laceweight Misti Alpaca in a beautiful blue-grey, and some handmade soap. I adore handmade soap and this is soem fabulous stuff. Now I just have to pick out a pattern for the alpaca. After Christmas I really want to get started on some lace. These early bedtimes are giving me hope yet.



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6 responses to “Goodies!

  1. irishmama

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, we did too. Great packages.

  2. Anonymous

    How nice to come home to prezzies! And such nice ones at that. Glad the Thanksgiving was a good one for you and the family!

  3. Kate

    Coming home to presents is the best! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and the weather was certainly good for traveling.

  4. Kelly

    What great packages! Especially after a long weekend.

  5. Deb

    Chris definately puts the best “mix cds” together. I’ve got two that I listen to all the time. Your packages are awesome!

  6. RheLynn

    Oo – looks like some great swaps there and interesting book!

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