Knittybaby takes on Rocky Balboa

Or at least he looks like he just did. My poor guy, in his eagerness to go places, took a major digger into a pile of Leggos today. Face first. So between his scraped up nose, and the fact that he has a cold, which makes his eyes all red and puffy, he looks like he just got finished filming “Rocky: The Early Days.” Poor guy.

I’ve decided that even though Little Man loves them, Leggos are evil. No matter how hard I try to pick them up, I step on at least one every time I got in Little Man’s room. Their sharp pointy corners hurt bare feet and tiny baby noses, an I’m seriously thinking they just have to go before they end up in a tiny baby mouth. But Little Man adores them, and will sit quietly forever playing with them. I try keeping them in his bedroom which actually works pretty well. But, we still need to go in there sometimes and then Knittybaby has to be watched like a hawk, which isn’t easy these days; he’s getting fast. I think I just need to stash them up in the closet for awhile.

My sweater story is in progress. I still haven’t gotten my picture yet due to Knittybaby’s stuffiness. So I leave you with my sad neglected spinning wheel:

Notice the three year old spinning wheel abuse?



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4 responses to “Knittybaby takes on Rocky Balboa

  1. Guinifer

    Put a gate up on little man’s door, then keep the legos in his room. Poor guy – he might need therapy if you take his legos away!! 😉

    I know the legos are worrisome, but somehow, most of us (kids and moms) make it through this stage.

    When my eldest was itty bitty, he used to like to play with my coin purse while he sat in his car seat – it made a good noise! He’d grab it from the center console (12 years ago I had a two seater car so during the day it would be me and a car seat in that little MR2). I thought there was no way he could open that coin purse, sometimes I had a hard time getting it open. Well guess what – he did open it. I’m driving down highway 100 and I look at him and he’s choking on a quarter! I can only imagine what my car looked like to an observer. Luckily the highway had shoulders at that point. Needless to say, I performed the Heimlich that day for the first time and with satisfactory results.

  2. Sheepish Annie

    Poor knittybaby! Legos are a blessing and a curse. I had them in my classroom and they were a great activity for kids, but also the source of great conflict. They seem to migrate to every corner of the room!

  3. Old Knitter

    You may think legos are everywhere but wait until the kids want “Lite Brites” . . . repeat after me NO, NO, NO WAY!!!! . . . kids make great pictures with them and it keeps them busy for hours on end (do look at age requirement) . . . but they are like live christmas tree needles . . . you find them everywhere and they can show up years later when least expected!!!! So be happy about the lego’s!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    you could try just leaving out the larger legos to play w/, you’ll see them so you won’t step on them, and knittybaby can’t choke on the big ones:)

    like the spinning wheel, one day you’ll get time to spin

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