I love swaps!!

Look what arrived!!!

My Knitflix package was on my doorstep yesterday. A very welcome distraction for a challenging afternoon. My swap partner, Cecily, did an awesome job of putting together a package!

Mostly Martha couldn’t be a more perfect movie: A German flick that involves food and romance. Can’t beat that! I’ll be watching it this weekend, enjoying my yummy treats and some incredible yarn. Cecily, you totally read my mind. I’ve been meaning to try Panache from Knitpicks. Even better, the colors are perfect for the boys. I see new hats on the horizon. I’m beginning to realize, especially with two kids now, you can never have too many hats and mittens. Thank you so much Cecily, you did a great job and I love my package!

I’m getting started on my first SP9 package to send out. I really do love these swaps. I love trying to figure out the perfect package to send, and it’s so nice to get spoiled myself, getting a chance to try things I might not normally think of or never get the chance to pick up. There are so many fun swaps to do, but I was thinking last night, has anyone ever seen a Knitters coffee swap? I’ve seen tea, chocolate, but not coffee. How can there not be a coffee swap? I was thinking, if there wasn’t one already maybe I’d host one, but it could turn into one of those “what was I thinking I don’t have time for this” things. Hmmmm……but a coffee swap……anyone think there is actually enough interest out there? Lemme think about it.

On to Socktoberfest. Mountain Peaks sock #1 done (except for grafting).

Don’t you hate that no matter how you take your sock photos, your leg seems to double in size?

A close up:
Sorry Gracie, it was the only halfway sunny spot in the house.



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10 responses to “I love swaps!!

  1. Gretchen

    My favorite LYS is a combination yarn shop/coffee shop. It is wonderful- the yarn smells like coffee! I love just sniffing the yarn when I bring it home- yummy! BTW, love your sock- so cheery!

  2. Kelly

    Love that pupper’s face. I have to say I am envious of all the swap action going on. I need to get in gear.

  3. Sheepish Annie

    I think a coffee swap is a great idea! There are so many “regional” brews that it could be fun for people to try some new caffeine.

    Loving the sox!

  4. Guinifer

    No way to avoid the leg thing, is there?

  5. Jess

    Coffee swap? I am so in. Yum.

    Your sock looks fabulous – I love the colors.

  6. RheLynn

    Pretty pup! A coffee swap would be great fun, wish I was in a larger city for most of these swaps though :o(

    Your socks turned out great – such bright happy colours! Thanks for the link to Panache, I know I’ve seen it in the catalog, but didn’t pay much attention to it at the time!

  7. Chris

    A coffee swap would be great!! YUM.

    Your sock looks great – and I totally know what you mean about taking sock pictures…

  8. limedragon :-: Harriet

    There’s been tea, and as you said, chocolate, swaps. But no coffee, so it would be fun! I’m not sure I could participate because I don’t really drink much coffee though.
    Gracie is as beautiful as ever, the sock looks fabulous, and your Knitflix package is great! : )

  9. Diane

    Very nice sock. And no you can never have enough hats and mitten with little ones around. I have a trick for making mittens for my grandsons. I make 6 pr all the same. That way mom can always find a matching pair.

  10. Ruth

    Oh, now, when I’ve stopped drinking coffee someone proposes a coffee swap… aah the pain…

    Great idea, there are so many differnt types of coffee (and coffee drinkers) around the world.

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