Quick post…

Thanks for all the kind words about my back to work struggles. Knitters are so good at that! I’m feeling better…these last few days off have been good, plus I braved IKEA with both boys on my own today and it was actually quite a pleasant outing. Those toys will be organized yet!

Here is a shot of the lovlies my SP8 Christine sent me. Thanks again Christine, you were an awesome pal and I really enjoyed all your gifts. Knittybaby will be wearing a pair of your socks to see the Harlot tomorrow!

Speaking of socks, I totally forgot to photograph my Spunky socks, I’ll get those up soon. But here’s the fabric I bought at A Stitch in Time (can’t find a site) while home in Onalaska, WI. A beautiful shop if you’re ever down in the LaCrosse area!

From the left, you see curtains for the playroom, pajamas for the boys (stripes and cowboys-any pattern suggestions?) and a doublepointed needleholder. This fabric buying could become addicting too.

Anyway, Knittybaby and I are off to see the Harlot tomorrow with Catherine! And I have to mention, did anyone notice the super-sweet comment from Dixie, the owner of Yellow Dog Knits in Eau Claire? There’s nothing more welcoming than knowing you are taking your little one into such a baby-friendly environment. Thanks, Dixie! can’t wait to get there!



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9 responses to “Quick post…

  1. Sheepish Annie

    Boy, I suddenly want to sew again! Love the fabrics. Hope you and Knittybaby have a great time with The Harlot!

  2. Chris

    I’ll be looking for you and knittybaby tomorrow!

  3. irishmama

    Love the package, the fabrics are so pretty. Enjoy your day today.

  4. Catherine

    Hey Knittymama! I just sent you an email – call me with the address where I can pick you up today. Can’t wait!


  5. Kate

    I hope you had a great time seeing the Harlot! You are tempting me back to my sewing machine with the great fabrics.

  6. Kate

    Comment hog alert! I just saw Knittybaby’s picture at the Harlot event on another blog. I can’t believe how big he is getting!! He looks like he was paying rapt attention. What a good baby he is.

  7. Christine

    I’m glad you enjoyed the swap!
    I have that book, too, and I use it all the time.

  8. Kelly

    What great stuff. I really should have signed up for SP*. Next Time!

  9. Shelly Kang

    I’m glad you got a good shot. Sometimes we need someone else to speak up on our behalf, and lucky me, I have a big mouth! I’m glad I put it to a good use for once this time. Can’t wait to see your Harlot post.

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