Well, we’ve made it through staff development week. I had to go in every day except today for staff development, open house, and getting my classroom ready. For the most part I’m ready to go for Tuesday, just a little nervous about the age adjustment. I can handle a room full of ornery, hormonal teenagers with my eyes closed. But a room full of kindergarteners? Let’s just say it’s going to be interesting!

Knittybaby actually took an ounce and a half of my milk the other day while I was gone, which was a big improvement, but he’s still preferring to hold out until I get back. In the meantime I’ve already got a stockpile of frozen milk stored up. Knittybaby will be 6 months in just a few weeks and is starting to grab at our food, so we can start solids soon. I figure we try mixing some breastmilk with babyfood and see if he goes for that during the day. Either way, I feel like we turned the corner since he took some of my milk in a bottle, at least enough to take the edge off and make him less upset until I get home. Thank God I’m only working part time!

I’m so excited, I cast on for the last panel for the heirloom baby shawl last night! This is a huge pain, as you need a total of 185 stitches and it is a picot edge, not fun as it takes forever, but at least I can see the end and know I’ll have it done by the baptism. Of course, it is also full of little black hairs:

“It wasn’t me, really…they are grey hairs, not black! It was Basil, I swear it!”



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8 responses to “Readjusting

  1. Sheepish Annie

    Good luck on Tuesday! I’m sure you’ll have a great day. I’m doing the opposite: I switched from kindergarten to fifth and sixth graders. I’ve taught k-12 so I have the background, but it is always nerve wracking to make the adjustment at first!

  2. irishmama

    Good luck on Tuesday. My D#1 would not take a bottle when I was returning to work after maternity leave, and I was in such a panic, but the first day back after waiting a couple of hours she took the bottle.

  3. Chris

    Look at that face – how could you doubt?! 🙂

    Good luck next week!

  4. dobarah

    I’m cheering for you! Those first days back are normally full of adjustments, but you have more than many of us do. It seems an eternity ago, or at least 14 and 16 years since I had to pack diaper bags for the kids while I went to school. You will do beautifully in kindergarten. Good luck!

  5. - LisaD.

    Oh, you’ll be great. Kindergarteners are so sweet. They’ll look up to you adoringly.

    I can’t wait to see a picture of your heirloom baby shawl.That is so special.

  6. RheLynn

    Good luck on the visit to the Yarn Harlot talk!

  7. Kelly

    I don’t think I have lived one day of my life without wearing at least one piece of cat hair. So I feel you on the black hair thing.

  8. Kate

    Hope your first day was good. Kindergartners never sit still!! They are a lot less self conscious than teenagers though, you should have fun.

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