As if it wasn’t too baggy already….

My purple sock, the one that was a wee bit big? Good thing wool has some memory. This morning I was trying to get caught up with my blog reading, when I hear Hubby:

“So what’s so great about these things anyway?”

He’s wearing my purple sock on his big ol’ size 10 1/2 feet. Which I guess really isn’t that big, but big enough compared to mine. That sad thing is it’s just a wee bit small for him, the sadder thing is he still doesn’t “get” the wonderfulness of handknit socks, even after he put one on. I think I need to quit being a selfish knitter, and make him his own really nice pair out of merino that are a perfect fit, that don’t fall down (he’s very worried about them falling down).

Speaking of Hubby, he was just reading over my shoulder and said, “I really wish you wouldn’t call me Hubby.”

“What should I call you?”

“Your Better Half.”

I giggled at that. Now I need to search for a new nickname. He may be sorry….

Thanks for all the great bind off suggestions, I had no idea I had so many options! Now to experiment.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, sequins, glued to my floor:

Little Man was so incredibly proud of the beauty of his creation, I didn’t have the heart to be mad about it. That’s why washable glue was invented anyway.

Anyone need a decorator?



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12 responses to “As if it wasn’t too baggy already….

  1. Sheepish Annie

    Hmm…it seems that kids leave prettier things on the floor than cats do! How about “he who does not respect the sock” (hwdnrts) as a nickname for “hubby?”

  2. Jeanne

    He’d probably feel differently if you knit him some manly socks.

  3. Guinifer

    I am snickering at HWDNRTS….NOT at the floor decor. Really.

  4. Deb

    I LOVE the new floor – it covers up the scratches you were worried about the other day!

  5. trek

    Oh, Little Man!

    He Who Owns No Handknits!

  6. yakmidi

    Your husband is right about one thing: “Hubby” is a terrible name for husband. Never liked it. In my mind, “Hubby” has always been the descriptor of some portly, dim-witted, yet good-intentioned manservant wearing a sweater in a trite romantic comedy. There’s nothing assertive, distinguished, or masculine in the term, “hubby.” The term could very well alternate with “pet,” “stand-in,” or “ficus.” It is the barely-masculine equivalent of “wifey” or “little woman.”

    Not that I have an opinion on the subject.


  7. Alison

    My DH doesn’t see the greatness of handknit socks either. Oh, well, more for me:)

  8. Chris

    How about “Ficus”? Or something totally nuts that you can simple assign to a macro key, such as “He Who Complained About His Nickname and Now Has None” (HWCAHNANHN)

  9. Kate

    I agree with Chris, you should give your husband a truly embarrassing nickname. Maybe something he can’t dispute, like Big Strong Handsome Man Without Decent Handknit Socks. He’ll still feel silly, but he can’t dispute it without feeling sillier, right? Little Man is an excellent decorator!

  10. Chris

    My Hubster didn’t get it for a long time. Even though I had made him a lovely, soft pair. Then one winter I start seeing these socks on his feet every night. Hmmm. Now they are worn through and I need to make another pair. Only now, I don’t like to knit socks!

  11. Kelly

    Beautiful glitter floor, very lovely design.

  12. RheLynn

    *hehe* a nice pair of neutral toned ‘man socks’ might help! If he stil doesn’t ‘get the sock’ then there is no hope for him *snicker*

    I like Chris’ idea.. he complained and now he has none ;o)

    My DH just wanted to be called by his first initial, but that became confusing quickly!

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