Oh, the heat…

I know, I know, we’re all complaining about it, but this is why I live in Minnesota, so I don’t have to deal with it that often. Summers like this I start thinking that Minneapolis is not north enough, and that I really ought to be living on Lake Superior; I could use that lake effect right about now!

I took the boys to the Midtown Global Market today to play and cool off a bit. If you’re a local and haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it! An amazing mix of food, from Somali to Norwegian to Mexican to Soul, along with little shops and markets, plus entertainment AND a play area, all local businesses and not that expensive. We hung out, ate, played and enjoyed the AC for a few hours. We’ve been sweltering with our little window AC ever since.

I finished up another bib but didn’t get a chance to photograph it today. Maybe tomorrow…



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11 responses to “Oh, the heat…

  1. Sheepish Annie

    We got a break today in Maine and the temps. were pretty mild. I actually had to put on a sweatshirt tonight over my jammies!!! We’re going back into the oven soon, though, so I’ve got all the fans going and am enjoying being chilly while it lasts. šŸ˜‰

  2. renee

    I love the Global Market also – I hope it is really successful!

    I heard today that Duluth has actually reached 102 degrees twice this year – so hard to believe!!

  3. Tygher Knits

    From what I’ve heard from my friends in Minnesota and Michigan, there’s not really any place to escape the heat this year. It’s pretty-much awful all throughout the country.

  4. Amy

    I can’t wait to visit the Global Market. It sounds great.

  5. Chris

    It was quite a bit nicer up at the cabin Saturday, but yesterday morning it was pretty sticky up there, too. I’m dreading today! Hopefully you and the boys find some nice air conditioned places.

  6. Catherine

    Hot, yes, we are right there with you. Going out in the heat is not an option, as the wall of humidity just smacks you in the face and takes your breath away. But staying in the AC, either at home or abroad, is getting a little nerve-wracking too! (A little dose of summertime cabin-fever – can’t go outside!!!) We were up at the cabin on Lake Superior two weeks ago and it was…disgusting. There is no lake effect this year. Oh, how I dream of fall days with leaves and pumpkins!

  7. Kelly

    Lake effect! I was in Duluth this weekend and it was cooler, but also rainy. You just can’t win.

  8. Brandie

    We’re melting away in Chicago today too! Stay cool! And the Global Market sounds a lot of fun =) Glad you went and had a good time

  9. Guinifer

    What part of town is the Global Market in? I’ve completely lost touch with the City since I’ve moved out to the ‘burbs?

  10. Kate

    I have to get to Global Market. I’m loving the break in the heat!! I can’t wait for fall. I would honestly rather that it was 20 degrees outside than 100. I don’t know how people live in places like Arizona where it’s over 100 all the time in the spring/summer/fall.

  11. irishmama

    We are usually one of the warmer places in the summer, but I think this year everywhere else has been hotter than us.

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