Introductions over, let’s play!

Amazingly, for awhile yesterday we were the only ones at the park. Little Man was pretty bummed about this, so when a new girl showed up with her mom, he was on the scene:

Little Man: Hi.
Park Girl: I’m five.
Little Man: I’m three
Park Girl: I’m gonna be six.
Little Man: I’m gonna be eight. (Park Girl seemed confused but hey, it’s true evtually)
Park Girl:I have new shoes, they’re pink.
Little Man I have new shoes too.
Park Girl: I’m a girl.
Little Man: Oh. I’m a boy.

Once they got all the necessary information out of the way they were best friends for the next hour, giving me necessary chill time while Knittybaby snoozed. The bib is nearly done, modeling shots soon.

We had a relaxing long weekend at the farm back in Central Wisconsin:

I love the view out there. One thing about the city is you never get a nice view of the horizon, there’s always something in ther way.

This: (what is with my crap photos lately? The lighting is terrible.)

Became this, my first short row heel:

I can’t say enough great things about this yarn, Spunky Eclectic sportweight in Chocolate Covered Cherries. The color is amazing and the yarn is so soft and springy; I can’t wait for Fall so I can wear these. Service was fast and excellent, and she has sales right now too!

The yarn is great, my heel is not. I just took the pattern with me and had no real reference for how to do a backwards yarnover, so I’ve got these holes now (can you see ’em?). I already had to do the toe three times and the heel twice. Once I got home and looked it up I think I know where I went wrong, but I’m still debating on whether to frog it again. With the boys my knitting time is precious and I have so many other things to work on….ugh, do I just sew over it to tighten it up, or do the right thing and go back? Please tell me I don’t have to go back.

The sock went to the Barnstormers Tour in Wausau, WI and admired a Waco. Hubby is still working on his sock photography. Knittybaby kindly did the sling sleepin’ thing for me the whole time we were there, and Little Man was busy with Grandma so it was a nice afternoon.

Oh, and somehow I missed this in my last post, but here’s my cute little book that I won over at Interval Crafting. You really should check out her Etsy shop; she’s got some cute stuff! (I plan on doing a little holiday shopping there myself.) Thanks again, Jennifer!



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7 responses to “Introductions over, let’s play!

  1. Chris

    Hee hee – you might be the only blogger I’ve read who actually is going to probably model a bib on a baby. :O

    I might try a little “fixing” with the other end of the skein right now to see (without cutting any yarn) whether you will be happy with the heel if you fix it that way… Gorgeous yarn!

  2. - LisaD.

    oh, kids say the cutest things.

    hee hee

  3. renee

    Isn’t it amazing how kids can hook up at Playland or the park and just immediately be best friends? Whenever I used to take Red out he’d always find some kid to play with and I’d really admire that. Of course, I was always busily knitting or reading the paper and studiously avoid contact with the other adults – which may be why it’s harder for me to make friends like that.

  4. Sheepish Annie

    I loooooove your sock yarn!!! I think it might have something to do with the name. I seem to be instantly attracted to anything with the word, “chocolate” in it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. Always nice to have new visitors! 🙂

  5. RheLynn

    What a cute conversation! My little niece always jumps the gun on her age. She thinks just because her birthday is say.. five months away, she is already four and doesn’t have to wait for it ;o)

    That is great sock yarn!

  6. irishmama

    Kids are so funny, they have their own way of making friends. I love the color of the sock wool, I’d just sew over the holes.

  7. Diane

    Isn’t it nice when all you need to have a new best friend is a little information. My grandson doesn’t even need to know the other child’s name to have a best friend at the playground.

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