I know the suspense is killing you…

Okay, I know I’m late with our contest winner. I tried to get it up last night but we were all just too pooped out from our visit back to the farm. But, I persevered today, and although it is a quarter to twelve on Wednesday night and I almost fell asleep, I got back up after getting Little Man to bed and here Knittybaby and I sit, ready to announce our winner! (Knittybaby is actually asleep and could care less, but hey, he’s still here)

This was actually very hard and I’ve been sitting here for the last 45 minutes trying to make a decision. You see, you are all so funny and have been so great sharing your stories. I’ve loved reading them, and I’m still trying to make sure I’ve replied or found your blog. And the truth is I’m terrible at judging because I always want everyone to win. I’ve been trying to decide and couldn’t, and thought I’d try picking a random winner, but can’t seem to find a site that does that. I tried getting Hubby to help, but he just got home from work and is half asleep on the couch (although he did manage a few chuckles). I thought of drawing names, but that involves scissors and writing and disturbing Knittybaby, so I finally said to myself, “just pick one!” and so I did:

RheLynn, hon, your sweater takes the prize of “I Can’t Believe I Knit That!” As wowed as I was by all the entries, I have to say that this is quite a piece of knitting. The work you put into it must be tons, the herringbone pattern is beautiful, and I so badly want it to turn into a sweater that works…unfortunately I have absolutely no suggestion on how to do that. Anyone else? Anyway, RhyLynn, e-mail me at knittymama at yahoo dot com with your snail mail and the alpaca will be on it’s way to you!

Thanks again everyone for playing! I will have updates on our trip up in the next couple of days: Me, my first short row heel, and vintage aircraft. What possibly could be more exciting? (Don’t get your hopes up, I was on the ground the whole time:-)



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5 responses to “I know the suspense is killing you…

  1. trek

    Frog it an reinvent it as socks!

  2. Kate

    Yes, you are correct, Rhelynn totally takes the prize on this one. It makes me feel better about my own errors!

  3. RheLynn

    Oh wow – I can’t believe I won after reading all of those comments! Thank you Knittymama! I’m rhelynn ATyahoo DOT com I don’t have your email!

  4. Chris

    Congrats to RheLynn!! This is my favorite random number generator.

  5. irishmama

    Congrats to Rhelynn, loved her story.

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