Last chance!!

Today is your last day to put in your contest entry! I’ll pick a winner this weekend and announce on Monday or Tuesday. I may have to use a random name picker though, as your stories are so good I am honestly having a hard time. It’s amazing, the goof ups that we make!

“Is that bib almost done? Oh please, please can I try it on? It will look so much cuter on me!!! Knittybaby will just spit up all over it anyway.”



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5 responses to “Last chance!!

  1. Chris

    Hee hee – that’s a great caption for the picture!

  2. irishmama

    All these pets want a bib, Chaos started a trend.

  3. Heide

    Adorable picture!

  4. Lisa

    What a sweet puppy!

  5. Catherine

    knittymama! I’m so glad you posted on my site too…I’ve been a fan of yours for a few weeks now (saw you on the TCKnit listserv). When, oh when will you be posting the winner of your knitting blunders contest? I loved reading the entries, can’t wait to find out who gets the purple stuff!

    We DO have a lot in common and should communicate in ways other than our blogs. I’m sending you an email now through the TCKnit page!

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