Thank you!!

Wow! Thank you so much for all the kind notes. Reading them over the week has made me feel so much better…it is so nice to know that you guys are thinking of us as we go through all of this.

I’ve been reading a lot about congenital heart defects this past week and have been learning a lot. Some of it good, in that Knittybaby’s defect could have been a lot worse compared to some of them out there, and I am thankful for that. But some of it is scary, as I’ve read stories of children where it was thought it would be one simple surgery, but they found other defects as well. I’m trying not tot think of those stories too much! A lot of it is just overwhelming, as I realize this will follow him his entire life, even with a successful surgery. Plus there is the waiting. Will he have surgery in three months? Six months? Who knows…

I’m planning a blanket for him. Blue squares, in different shades, about three by three. Some of the squares will have hearts on them. I’m going out this week to try and decide on the yarn. Now I think I’m down to Thaki Cotton Classic, Mission Falls 1824 cotton, and the big splurge, Manos cotton.

My coffee is calling me. Thank you again, your words mean A LOT! šŸ™‚



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6 responses to “Thank you!!

  1. Chris

    Mmmmm… coffee…

    I think a blanket with hearts on it is a great idea! When he’s older, you can tell him the story of his heart and the hearts on the blanket.

  2. Kate

    I love the idea of the blanket with hearts. He will probably drag it around with him until he’s at least 8 years old. When my son was 8 I finally had to take his from him and replace it with one that wasn’t in tatters. Now at thirteen he has the replacement in tatters but still sleeps with it every night. He’ll probably take it to college. I know that he is going to have surgery very successfully and drive you nuts when he’s a teen. We are all out here thinking of you.

  3. brendaskt

    Hi….just catching up with my blog reading and saw your post about your son’s congenital heart defect.
    My son was born with MAJOR defects and has gone through 4 open heart surgeries throughout his life. He is now 21 and a healthy, strong young man. Played football, basketball and baseball in high school. Didn’t slow him down for a minute.
    Since he was born (in 1984) heart procedures have changed so drastically. His first surgery required a 10 day hospital stay and his last one in 2000 only FIVE DAYS!!! Unbelieveable!! Same surgery every time.
    My son still sees his pediatric cardioligist at the U of M and will be with him until Dr Moller retires. A wonderful, wonderful cardioligist whom I can’t sing enough praises about.
    Good luck with what is ahead. Just know that others have gone through this and like someone else posted, MN has the BEST medical care anywhere.

  4. kristy

    not to worry , I’ve has a leaky aortic valvefor a long time , just had it fixed in jUNE 2001/ WAS BORN WITH ITin 1957 and i am fine now

  5. Kelly

    I think the blanket will be great. I just love the thought.

  6. - LisaD.

    Oh Knittymama…….I am so sorry to read about your little knittybaby. My thoughts and well wishes are with you and your family. Try not to drive yourself crazy with the “what-if’s?” I know, I know…. easier said than done.

    The heart blanket is such a wonderful idea.

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