Evenings are my favorite time…

Hubby takes Little Man up for bedtime, and it’s just me, Knittybaby, a CD and my messy living room. Funny thing is, it’s amazing how just listening to some good music (Garden State tonight) while you rock and nurse a little baby makes the messy, toy covered living room not so bad…Before Knittybaby was born this would have been my knitting time. Little knitting this week, not even enough to photograph, but that’s okay. As little as they seem, my boys will be grown before I know it and I wil miss these hectic, crazy but amazing times.

What a crazy day it was too! Little Man managed to cover his body and the couch in glue stick, plug up the sink with toilet paper, and decorate the kitchen with an entire box of baking soda. Phew! It still amazes me how fast a kid can make a mess while you change a diaper or a load of laundry.

I broke my rule of “no new knitting books because I’m saving money” last night and picked up Wendy Knits. It’s a cute read. I’m halfway through and am thinking that the felted kitty bed is a must, but not for awhile as I still have to tackle THE LIST:

1. Finish the Heirloom shawl for Knittybaby (yeah, I know it was my Olympic project. Now I’m shooting for the baptism)
2. Mason-Dixon bibs for Knittybaby (aka Spit-up Boy). These are a necessity!
3. Soaker shorts for gee, guess who? Am I knitting for anyone else?
4. Yes: Little Man…I have yarn to start a sweater for him so it may actually be done by fall.
5. I really want to start my Mag Knits tee, which I bought yarn for a year ago!
6. Not to mention the other million items sitting around the house to finish up.

All this on an average of ten rows a day. Like the Harlot says, one row at a time, right? 🙂



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3 responses to “Evenings are my favorite time…

  1. Chris

    Wow, Little Man was BUSY.

    Those bibs are FAST and excellent. 3 days after gifting, I had a request for more. (“They absorb, unlike the bibs we buy.”)

  2. Kelly

    I really can’t believe how fast kids are, WOW. Thanks for the tip on lanolizing.

  3. Kate

    I can’t possibly imagine committing my “want to knit” list to paper. I would be completely overwhelmed! I’ve got to say as much as I loved them, I don’t miss the toddler years. The teenage ones seem to be easier on the house. Since he has to pick up his own messes, he rarely makes them any more. Although when he cooks, it’s a whole ‘nother story.

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