Actual knitting!

My mom’s birthday present:
Happy Birthday Mom!
Done in Noro, size 10 and 1/2 needles. My own pattern. Yup, the handles are crooked. It’s impossible for me to make a felted bag with even handles.

A sock that had been forgotten and found last weekend. Can’t find the label for the yarn right now, but it is the Fiber Trends Mt. Hood pattern. This is my first lace sock, and it’s really puckering up. Anyone know how much it will smooth out while blocking?

The mindless knitting…Atacama on size 15 needles. Only one skein left and this shawl is done!
Have a great three day weekend, everyone!



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4 responses to “Actual knitting!

  1. Jess

    Nice bag! I love how Kureyon looks when it’s felted. Uh oh, I think I’m going to have to go back to Borealis tomorrow for some…

    The sock should block out nicely – blocking is such a cool thing! I love how it’s striping up and would love to hear what yarn it is when/if you find the ball band.

  2. Chris

    Your bag looks great! I think the sock will look fine with blocking – or just with wearing.

    Hope y’all are staying cool – whew!

  3. Jeanne

    Like the bag very much! And yes, the sock will look fine when being worn.

  4. Kelly

    The bag is great. I am glad to see you are getting some time to knit.

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