Knitting with a baby, part one…

Those of you who are mothers may or may not have gone through this, but with a new baby I’ve found I usually have three different types of days:

1. Frozen to my rocking chair, not dressed until lunch, one disaster after another until I am left a sniveling and exausted mess. (Wednesday was one of those days)

2. Super-mommy-goddess in which I manage to cook real food ( not just re-heat) do laundry and GET STUFF DONE, all while my baby sleeps or nurses in my sling. (Today, so far, has been one of those days).

3. The usual day, which is a little bit of both.

Of course, with two kids now I’m more likely to get a #1 and less likely to get a #2, but it sure was nice to have a #2 kind of day today, especially with today’s rain!

On my goddess days (or moments) here’s how I knit:

Thank God for baby-slings. Frankly, I’m mystified about mothers who don’t use these. Knittybaby spends many happy hours sleeping or nursing in here, and then I get both hands to eat, do laundry, vaccuum, entertain Little Man, and yes, even knit!

My sling is a Zolo Sling. I love this thing! Not only is it cute (they have lots of fabric choices) but it is light and even has pocket for your keys, wallet, or of course, a sock-in-progress. Girls, if you plan to have a baby (or just had one) get a sling! There are lots of different types (just search for baby slings or baby wearing) and it does take a good week to get used to them, but stick with it. You will get the hang of it and it makes for much happier baby and mama. My hubby even has one.

So what have I knit?

Squares for Warming Grace. If you haven’t visited Cynthia’s site yet, be sure to see what she is doing to help her niece, who is ill with lukemia.

These are 5 inch squares, knit in a cotton/angora blend by Artful Yarns. I’m sending them off this weekend.

I also finished up Knittybaby’s socks, but need to re-take a picture, so I’ll get that up another day.



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7 responses to “Knitting with a baby, part one…

  1. Kelly

    That is a great picture. You look and your new baby look so great. Nice Zolu sling.

  2. Brandie

    You look great for just having a baby not too long ago!! Wow!!! And yes, I have plenty of number 1 days (even though my little guy is 4.5 months now!) These days I’d just like a day like number 3 once in a while! =)

  3. Cynthia

    The squares are beautiful! I love the sling; it is such a great way for you to be together (and leave your hands empty for the sticks!)

  4. jennifer

    that sling is so cool! i wasn’t able to use one, since i had the twins , but look at you, little miss multitasker!

  5. Chris

    Lovely squares! And I’ll have to tell my SIL about the wonders of the sling.

  6. Samantha

    The squares for Warming Grace are beautiful. 🙂 I had a sling with my 2nd child, but I could never get it on comfortably … I did wear it, but not as much as I had hoped.

  7. Jess

    Love the picture of you & the baby in the sling! I remember when my little guy wasn’t so interested in my knitting and I could knit with him around. *snif*

    Is it funny that I’m looking at your picture trying to figure out if I know you? Do you go to any of the API playgroups?

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