My Little Meanie Greenie

So I make this smoothie for Little Man and myself that we call “Meanie Greenies.” I have no idea why we call it that other than the fact that all the spirulina I throw in turns it bright green. So we each have a glass and we’re sitting at the table enjoying our drinks and Little Man starts to get a little playful with his beverage, blowing bubbles and the like, spattering all over the place. Then he decides that he needs to pour it back and fourth into two glasses. My motherly powers sense disaster from this activity, so I go to intervene and end up spilling it myself, all over the table.

At this point Knittybaby decides he was mistaken and really wasn’t sleepy after all, so I go to pick him up and find a dishrag and I hear Little Man yell, “I can lick it up, Mom!” I come back to see my dear son covered in green smoothie: face, shirt and his long hair, with bits of flaxseed stuck all over him. All with Grandma and Gomme due in just a few hours and an already trashed house. I have to say, he looked so funny that my sense of humor took over and I was unable to get mad, so I just threw him in the tub.

Knitting content? While Little Man was soaking his green stuff off, I was able to peruse the 2005 Spring Knits all while nursing Knittybaby in the bathroom. I need a real chair in there. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to nurse a baby when the only place to sit is the toilet seat cover? Anyway, I re-read the article on brioche stitch. Has anyone tried a project using that? I haven’t tried it with needles yet, but everytime I read about it my mind gets all twisty.



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5 responses to “My Little Meanie Greenie

  1. Chris

    Great mental pictures of the Greenie Grunging!

    I did brioche on a project that was abandoned for other reasons. It was a lot easier to do than all the directions made it sound, if that helps!

  2. Kelly

    Sounds like a comical morning. I have never tried the brioche, but I bet you can do it!

  3. Wendy

    So glad you liked the podcast! There’s plenty of fast and wrong to come!

    I haven’t ever tried brioche stitch, but I know there’s a pattern I want to try that has it, but it’s not on my list until the fall – I’m sure that information will be really helpful then!

    Take care!


  4. Kate

    Got your comment but it was tagged no reply. I did sign up for SP8. Let’s take the chance together! If we get the short end of the stick, we’ll meet up at one of the local LYSs commiserate and laugh about it!

  5. Queens Knitting Mama

    I so feel you! A chair in the bathroom is a great idea. I used to nurse anywhere. Sitting on the floor, walking in the mall, Sitting on the toilet seat. I can never keep the house clean either with a two year old running around. How do you still find time to knit? Have a great weekend. Did the sweater that you meant to knit for your son fit you?

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