Welcome Knittybaby!!!

The newest member of our family arrived early Tuesday morning with a beautiful and gentle birth! Knittybaby is a lovely 7.3 pound baby boy! Little Man is an excited big brother, and everyone is doing well.

Obviously, no new knitting to report, but Knittybaby wore his red hat home proudly, although he has some room to grow. Posts will be a little fewer and far between as we take some time with our family. But, stay tuned for the further adventures of Little Man and Knittybaby, and how Knittymama still might manage to get some knitting time in with two boys! (Don’t laugh, I know it can be done!)



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6 responses to “Welcome Knittybaby!!!

  1. Brandie

    Congratulations on your new arrival =)
    Good luck learning to knit with two little ones under foot! We added number 3 in Dec and I’m still trying to figure it all out! LOL!

  2. renee

    Congratulations!!! Best wishes to your whole family.

  3. Chris


  4. Kelly

    Congrats on the new little one! What an exciting time!

  5. Jess


  6. Cari


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