Two weeks late, but done!!!!

It’s not blocked yet, but the center panel is finished!!!! I plan on blocking it tonight, so I should have a picture of that in the next couple of days. It’s not as perfect as I would like but overall I’m very happy with how it turned out. This is the first project I’ve done that has used something more than a basic stockinette or seed stitch and I’m pretty excited about it!

The mistakes are basically in places where I thought I was on row three or row one when it was the other way around. Luckily it is not too noticable when that happens. I would have fixed that as well, but to be honest this is a really hard pattern to “read” while you are working and it wasn’t until the last third of the panel that I started to make sense of it. To be honest though, I still don’t get it completely, and whenever I dropped a stitch I really had to improvise to get it back to what it should be. I learned a lot with this pattern, and do feel much more confident in my skills.

Next I need to make four more side panels. They start with a picot edging which I haven’t tried before. Hopefully it won’t give me too much trouble as I really want this finished before the baby gets here.

I did some shopping this weekend too.
NeedleworkUnlimited had a 20% off sale this weekend, so I got a few more items. Two balls of Rowan Baby Soft to make a sweater with, and some Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino to make a baby t-shirt with. I wish I could have bought more yarn, but I ended up spending another $30.00 on new size 1 double pointeds, some stitch markers, a pattern for a headband from
MacandMe and the new issue of Knit Simple. I’m still on the fence about this new magazine. There were a few patterns I liked but not tons. I did like the crocheted flower patterns, but I’m not the best at crochet, so we’ll see.


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  1. Chris

    Wow, that Lucy Neatby merino is GORGEOUS!

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