I’m Really Not Whining

I just spent the last two days un-knitting, stitch by stitch, down to my colossal mistake. As much as it completley sucked, I have to say I am incredibly proud of that fact that I fixed it rather than just say “screw it” and move on, which is what I too often do. I am now still at about 19 out of 28 inches, plus 4 side panels to knit, so it’s not looking like a gold medal is in my future. Yet for some reason I am still hopeful that I might have this done by Sunday. (As you all chuckle to yourselves….) How’s that for Olympic spirit?!?


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  1. Ginny Reeves

    Hi. I am trying to start the Ericka Knight shawl and have been looking to see if there are any published errata for the shawl as the pattern for the center panel is not working out for me. When a row starts with p2 and ends with p1 and then the next row starts with k2 and ends with k1 this doesn’t work out. Did you have any problems with the pattern as written in the book? Do you know of any errata for the pattern.

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Yours is the only thing on the net I could find to try and get an answer from.

    Thank you for any help you can give me

    Ginny Reeves

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