Three Strikes….

So the finals are graded, but this hasn’t been much of a week for knitting. Long days at work and I keep falling asleep early, so all I really have is my pathetic sock report from the weekend.

I had planned ot work on my first pair of socks on two circular needles, using the Columbine Peaks pattern from Cat Bohrdi’s book. I had done the ribbing last summer and everythig was fine, but once I got started again I had two problems. One, I didn’t count and messed up the pattern, and two, I’m not too crazy about using these needles. They are Crystal Palace and the joins just aren’t that smooth, so it’s taking a lot of effort to switch back and forth. So they went back in the bag. Great yarn though. It’s Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.

I went on to Little Man’s socks, to match Mama’s socks (I’d better not hear “these are tickly” this time around! :-)They were coming along nicely until he decided to break one of the needles in half (what better way to get his Mother’s attention, right?) So they went back in the bag as well.

On to pair number three. I can’t find my pattern now, but these were the biggest success over the weekend. It’s a Fiber Trends pattern, I can at least remember that much.I’m quite proud of how it turned out. But then on our drive home we ended up leaving late and this is not a sock to knit in the dark, so I sat for three hours doing nothing;it nearly drove me nuts. I had gone through all my backup knitting and had nothing left.So much for good travel planning!

All in all it was a great weekend and the Little Man had fun with all the family, I simply lost my knitting groove and have not been able to get in back. Maybe this weekend, we’ll see…

On a final note, I have to give a HUGE thanks to my brother-in-law, who not only gave my html lessons this weekend, but a LAPTOP!!!! (We’ll just call him the used computer-fixer-upper genius. Nate, you really do rock and I promise we (meaning Matt)won’t break this one!) I can actually use Blogger now as intended, meaning no more outdated Mac 9.2. We’re all Windows now, which makes Matt incredibly happy but also unwilling to share; I nearly had to rip this thing from his hands, and now it’s way past bedtime for me. I do feel sorry for my Imac just sitting there, it looks lonely. I keep telling it it is not it’s fault that the internet world just doesn’t want to support it anymore. Now I’m rambling which proves it is WAY past bedtime now.


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