After a few months of collecting dust in the corner, I finally got my spinning wheel back out today and actually got about an hour of spinning in. I had gotten an Ashford Traveler last August and had a good start at it, but my problem was the Little Man can not keep his hands away from it. So everytime I thought I had a bit of time to spin it was all messed up, which left me frustrated and too crabby to spin. I still haven’t found a good place to put it that he’ll leave it alone, but the good thing is that it’s old news now so he doesn’t play with it quite as much.

I managed to ply up some singles of the punta top I had been working on last fall. It is drying in the basement as I speak (LM was very helpful in the washing of it!) I’ll post pictures once it’s dry.

I think we’ll get an early bedtime tonigth since LM refused a nap again, so I’m hoping for a good three hours on the color by color scarf tonight.

As for the blog, I need to get some help with this thing. I can’t seem to find the help I need on Blogger’s help page. I’m trying to find out how to use a button as a link rather than a text. I got the Knitting Olympics link up on the side, but have no idea how to make the actual button the link. I’d also love to get my own button. Any ideas?


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