Hey, Eleanor’s knitting a sock…

Originally uploaded by knittymama.

So the other night Matt and I are watching a documentary on Eleanor Roosevelt on PBS. I’m trying like crazy to get MY socks finished when he comments to me, “Hey, Eleanor’s knitting a sock” in this very casual sort of way (like he talks about this all the time). I had noticed that she was knitting in just about every other photo, but was shocked that not only did Matt notice, but he noticed it was a sock! I guess there may be hope yet…

As far as my socks go, as you can see they are done!!! I’m starting to think that one should not photograph ones own feet (what an unflattering angle, never mind the unshaven legs) but I’ll let vanity go for the night so you can see the stitch pattern. These are the Classy Slip-Ups from Betsy Lee McCarthy’s book, “Knit Socks.” The yarn is from Knitpicks in marigold.

The socks feel wonderful, but I have to say I’m not crazy about the color, especially combined with this stitch pattern. I’m not a yellow/red kind of girl and have no idea why I ordered it. I started the socks last summer for an easy travel project and wasn’t happy from the start, but I kept running into times that I needed some knitting and these were the only travel-friendly items on the needles, so here they are. I still have half a skein left, which will go to another pair for LM. I have to say, he is still my biggest knitting fan and was very impressed with mama’s skills!


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