A return and a problem.

First, an apology for not mentioning that my life was going to be one hectic, crazy mess for the next month or so. You’d think that with school being done for the year, I would actually have MORE time, hardly! But, we are back from vacation, and I actually, finally have…a digital camera!!! So where are the glorious pictures of all the things I have knit in the last month??? Sitting on my camera because I can’t figure out how to post them. Apparently, there is supposed to be some “edit” line on the create page which is only available on certain browsers or needed by windows, which I don’t have. I’m sitting here on my old imac, and not having much luck getting this to work. And I’m so frustrated, as I have pictures of Anouk, LM’s vest, all the yarn I bought on my trip, plus an antique spinning wheel from the farm. Major frustration rigth now! Aside form getting rid of my IE for Mozilla, (which my computer BIL says I should do anyway) are there any other suggestions!


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