Oh, the shame!!!

Okay, so I TOLD myself if I was going to blog I would try to post at least every other day. A month later, here I am again. So where am I?

I had hoped to be flying through my Color on Color scarf by now. However, on the way to the baby shower, DH lost his scarf at a truck stop. Lost it. The scarf I had slaved over because I was too new of a knitter to reallize that making a scarf out of fingering weight yarn would take forever and was probably a bad idea. So did I say “get thee to the Gap, no more nice scarves for irresponsible people like you!” Sigh..I wanted to, but he felt so bad about losing it that I went out and got three skeins of Cascade to make him a new one. I finished it up last night, yay! Now on to my other distraction…..

The ultimate splurge: a sweater in Colinette Point Five. I have been dying for this yarn, but at 23.00 a hank, it wasn’t going to happen. Until I saw it for 40% off at my LYS. However, I had to swear I would buy no more yarn for 2 months to buy it. However, I got the front half of a sweater done, and it is NEARLY worth it!


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